[VIDEO] ‘War Machine’ Official Trailer (2017) 




‘BRANGELINA 2004-2016’: New York Post Cover for Wednesday Sept 21, 2016


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[VIDEO] Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie’s ‘By the Sea’

Universal has released the first trailer for the drama “By the Sea” starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Pitt.

Jolie Pitt directed the pic, which tells the story of a couple in the 1970s who seem to be drifting apart, so they take a vacation in a small European seaside town in hopes of saving their marriage. The relationship movie, based on an original idea by Jolie Pitt, was actually filmed in Malta….(read more)


New York Post Cover for Aug 30, 2014: ‘Greek Tragedy: Bittersweet Suit Hits Whole Foods’


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Gutfeld: The Tyranny of Cool

…So what is perceived as cool, when it’s really the opposite?

– Bureaucrats spawned in teacher’s lounges chiseling at your income, to the cheers of a pliant media
– Creating dependency as a romantic lifestyle, independent of achievement
– Ridiculing women, minorities, and gays who reject the culture of dependency
– Fake work that doesn’t require building, moving or doing things. In 2008, a community organizer beat a war hero who spent years in a prison camp. Apparently that’s cool.
– Movements that reject American values in favor of American guilt (Occupy)
– Anti-Americanism as a needy appeasement to our international adversaries
– Hero worship of celebrities based on artificial edginess (Johnny Depp is not really a pirate)
– Destroying things. Did Pete Townsend ever think of the maid as he trashed his 25th hotel room?
– Victimhood. The elevation of the David and Goliath myth as a universal storyboard dictating that evil can be good, as long as it’s smaller than the good. If America was a house, the left would root for the termites.
– Code words. Language that aptly describes things is uncool. However, euphemisms created to avoid hurting the feelings of our adversaries is not. Hence, Ft. Hood terror is workplace violence. Which, I guess that makes Hurricane Sandy a pool party.
– Talking about your identity. If you’re gay, bisexual, transgendered, Raelian, or Eskimo, chances are I’ll hear about it. If you are less proud of what you do than who you do then you’re considered cool.

Where does the tyranny of the cool begin?

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