Weird One-Eyed Cyclops Kitten Born in Sichuan

Weird One-Eyed Cyclops Kitten Born in Sichuan

If you think a Cyclops is just a fictional character, think again! On August 30, a cat in Neijiang City, Sichuan Province, gave birth to a freaky-looking Cyclops kitten. The ultra-weird looking animal had one giant eye in the middle of its forehead and, get this, no nose!

However, according to the cat’s owner Mr. Wang, the kitten died shortly after birth. Not long after its passing, Mr. Wang placed the dead kitten at the entrance of his supermarket for all to see, which is how this story made it to the news.

On September 1, a vet in Neijiang got wind of the story and shared her wisdom on the matter: “I’ve never seen a Cyclops kitten before. In my professional opinion, I think this is a congenital deformity. If it didn’t have a nose then it couldn’t breathe which is probably the main cause of death.”

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