Department of Delicious Deception: Cookies that Look Like Crystalline Geodes


The Department of Delicious Deception invites you to snack on these awesome cookies that look like beautiful crystalline geodes. Redditor LaFeltinelli made them from scratch. They’re concave orange-vanilla cookies filled with orange popsicle icing, and homemade rock candy crystals.

Watch this tutorial video by Kara Shall of Hen & Chick Cakes to learn how to make your own Geode Cookies:

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Halloween Candy in Japan, 2016


Cheers! It’s National Candy Corn Day!


‘Smoke A Dick’ Bubble Gum Cigars


Smoke A Dick  – 

Mad Men Moment: Decisions, Decisions

Madmen-candy1 Madmen-candy2

Mad Men

Sociopath Valentine Candy


Who’s Up for Psychedelic Chocolate Skulls?



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who killed bambi?

Halloween Post-Mortem: Treats Gone Wrong

From …Crest?

“In a world without candy, things get pretty scary. These Halloween treats are making kids sick. Literally! They’re trying veggie-flavored treats as an alternative to traditional Halloween candy. Sounds pretty scary if you ask us….”

Better idea. Go to the store and load up on day-after-Halloween candy, half-price.