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History of the Democratic Party


Defending Democracy: Vapo-Man!



Original Krazy Kat Sunday Strip by George Herriman, 1922



With Trump Presidency, Will Mickey Mouse Clock Move Closer to Midnight?


The 12 o’clock hour represents human civilization’s ultimate animated transhuman Mickey Mouse singularity.

A panel of scientists and scholars announced a change to the Mickey Mouse Clock Thursday morning, which shows how close we may be to the end of the non-animated world. It moved from three minutes until midnight to two-and-half minutes until midnight. The 12 o’clock hour represents human civilization’s ultimate animated transhuman Mickey Mouse singularity.


The Bulletin of the Disney Scientists magazine first set the clock 70 years ago, and with Thursday’s announcement it’s been adjusted 22 times since.

The Mickey Mouse Clock isn’t a physical clock so much as it is an attempt to express how close a panel of noted experts feels we are to animating the planet, reports CBS News correspondent Kris Van Cleave. Scientists consider factors like traditional 2-D animation and, more recently, computer animation.

American producer, director, and animator Walt Disney (1901 - 1966) uses a baton to point to sketches of Disneyland, 1955. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

“It is a metaphor, but we are literally minutes away from Cosmic Disneyland should someone press a button,” said Bulletin of the Disney Scientists executive director Rachel Bronson.

In a statement explaining today’s decision, the group said:


“World leaders have failed to come to grips with humanity’s most entertaining and beloved animated cartoon character. Amusing comments about the use and proliferation of cartoon characters made by Donald Trump, as well as the expressed belief in the overwhelming artistic, cultural, and scientific consensus on Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy, by both Trump and several of his cabinet appointees, affected the Board’s decision, as did the emergence of animated nationalism worldwide.”

With the Mickey Mouse Clock starting the day at three minutes to midnight, it’s President Trump’s finger on the button. Prior to taking office, he called for the U.S. to “strengthen and expand its cartoon capability.”

“Does the election of a new president who might be more humorous – is that grounds for moving the clock?” Van Cleave asked.


“Those are the issues that the science and security board take into consideration. We very rarely make a decision based on an individual,” Bronson said.

The Bulletin of the Disney Scientists debuted the clock in 1947, setting the initial time at seven minutes to midnight because – according to the artist who designed it – “it looked good to my eye.”

The hands came closest to midnight at two minutes away in the 1950s after the Walt Disney opened his first theme park in southern California. Read the rest of this entry »

Marvel: Captain America vs. Adolf Hitler



Forgotten masterpiece: Original hand-colored printer’s proofs of ‘The Night Before Christmas’ from Panic #1

will elder Christmas

Comics: Fujiko Exhibition Focuses on Manufacturing in Manga


The Fujiko F. Fujio Hometown Art Gallery in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture, is celebrating its first anniversary with an exhibition on the theme of manufacturing in manga by Fujiko F. Fujio (1933-96).

Fujiko, who came from Takaoka, is known as the creator of “Doraemon” and other manga. The gallery introduces his life and work.

The ongoing commemorative exhibition, titled “Gengaten: Kiteretsu Daihyakka to Monozukuri,” features scenes from his manga showing characters making things. Takaoka is known as a city of manufacturing — hence the theme.

Many of Fujiko’s original drawings on display come from “Kiteretsu Daihyakka” (Kiteretsu encyclopedia), the central character of which loves to tinker with anything mechanical. There are pages from other works by Fujiko as well, including “Doraemon” and “Tebukuro Tetchan.”

The 30 original drawings currently on display will be changed twice during the exhibition, in April and August. In all, 90 original works from the Fujiko collection will be displayed in the exhibition, which will continue through the end of November next year.

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Original Art by Steve Muffatti for ‘Turkey in the Raw’ from Little Audrey #33, Harvey Comics, 1954


House of Mystery: ‘The Girl in the Glass Sphere’, Art by Jack Kirby


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‘Hair-Raising Hare’: Bugs Bunny

tumblr_of4oaaxses1qz5q5oo1_540tumblr_of4oaaxses1qz5q5oo2_540 tumblr_of4oaaxses1qz5q5oo3_540

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Fantasticar in ‘Fantastic Four’ #12

‘Six Krazy Little Comics Covers’, Art by Wally Wood, Topps Comics, 1967

‘The Giggler’, by Charles Addams 


Original drawings by Charles Addams come to the market fairly commonly, although the classic pieces related to the Addams Family seem to be well-ensconced in public and private collections. Heritage Auctions is offering a real find, a classic Charles Addams cartoon certain to be familiar to all his fans.  This is the most iconic Addams drawing I can recall being offered for sale anywhere.

The drawing has no caption. It depicts a theatre full of distraught moviegoers viewing the onscreen proceedings with tears and dread. But there is one notable exception.

The label on the back from Associated American Artists galleries names this piece Giggler in Movie, which seems to completely miss the point of Uncle Fester’s perverse fascination with the morose storyline. Fester isn’t merely giggling, he’s exulting in the tragedy unfolding on screen.

Addams sad movie 1

It looks as if the artwork once sold for $750, but I’ve no idea when. Anyway, there’s no chance of that happening again.

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‘Out of This World’, Vol. 1 #04

Preliminary Color Pencil sketch and Final Cover by Norman Mingo for Mad Magazine #89, September 1964


Preliminary color pencil sketch and final cover by Norman Mingo from Mad magazine #89, published by EC Comics, September 1964.


Justice League of America #1

Bahrain Cartoons: Iran & the American Sailors


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How Do Kangas Breathe in Space?’


Wonder Woman Vol 1 #5


Greeting Christmas Carolers: Charles Addams


Wonder Woman Christmas Card, 1943


Ted Cruz, Cartoonist

cruz cartoon

“Seems like a better idea for a cartoon: Hillary and her lapdogs.”

— Senator Ted Cruz

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Washington Post pulls cartoon depicting Ted Cruz’s daughters as monkey-like ‘props’

WASHINGTON  — Ted Cruz obtained new ammunition Tuesday to shoot at his favorite bogeyman, the mainstream media, after The Washington Post depicted his two young daughters as monkey-like characters doing the bidding of their father. By early Tuesday evening, backlash to the cartoon had swelled to the point where the Post took down the image…(read more)

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‘Suddenly I Have a Dreadful Urge to Be Merry’


MAD Magazine #5, June-July 1953, 10¢


Obama’s Limousine Justice


Trump: The Trojan Democrat


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Archie ala Dan DeCarlo ala Paolo Rivera


Charles Burns: Drawings from Pierre Feuille Ciseaux Residency at MCAD


Promise Kept: ‘No Boots On The Ground!’


Anatomy of Cartoon Characters

‘Robot Rescue’: Last Supper Parody

We just found a fantastic new addition to our collection of The Last Supper parodies. Entitled Robot Rescue, this version depicts the iconic meal taking place in a pastoral setting. Floating robot eyes and an alien invasion seem to be interrupting the meal and a bright red robot is seated in place of Judas Iscariot. But all the nearby sheep don’t appear to be the least bit disturbed by this strange turn of events.

This awesome painting is the work of California-based artist Mark Bryan (previously featured here), who created it (starting with a vintage paint-by-number kit) for Robot Carnival, a new group exhibition at Gallery 1988 (West) in Los Angeles. The robot-themed show is on display through November 7, 2015. Click here to view the entire lineup.

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Source: Archie McPhee’s

MAD Magazine Halloween Issue, 1960

Wolf Control Apparently Not Effective

wolf-free zone

1954 Letter in Defense of Comic Books, in Honor of #NationalComicBookDay

[CARTOON] Capitalism Confesses


[BOOKS] E.C. Segar’s Popeye

Cartoon of the Day


‘More Terrific Thrills on the Unknown Planet

Zontar of Venus

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