[VIDEO] ‘Pirate Cat’ Goes Viral


[VIDEO] 猫おはぎ包囲網 – Ohagi vs Ninjas


Confirmed, Portlandia is Real: ‘Chicken Crossing Road Blocks Traffic in Oregon’


“Police ‘were unable to determine the chicken’s intent.'”

PORTLAND, Ore. –  Portland, Oregon, police were told there was a chicken — and it was attempting to cross the road.


In fact, the citizen who called the police non-emergency line on Monday evening reported that the chicken’s efforts to cross a road in a north Portland neighborhood were bringing traffic nearly to a standstill.

“He assured the dispatcher he was not joking.”

The dispatcher chuckled — and asked a clarifying question.

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[VIDEO] Monkeys Annoying Cats and Dogs

What could be more fun than watching monkeys bitch-slapping cats and dogs around?


Special Forces Cat Helps Captive Dog Escape in [VIDEO] Prison Break Caper

The human couldn’t figure out how his cat and dog escaped the kitchen, so set up a cam and found out that the cat had been helping the dog out the whole time.


Radical Feline Redistributionist’s Confiscation of Canine Property! [VIDEO] Evidence of Cats Stealing Dog Beds


Specialty Wine for Discriminating Feline Consumers

The release of a specialty wine just for cats this week in Japan got plenty of Internet buzz, but cats themselves have been far less enthusiastic.
A cat eyes a glass of Nyan Nyan Nouveau, recently released in Japan especially for cats.

A cat eyes a glass of Nyan Nyan Nouveau, recently released in Japan especially for cats.

Yumi Otagaki reports:  Nyan Nyan Nouveau is a non-alcoholic wine for cats whose owners want to share some quality time with them, and who will spend some money to do so. In Japanese, “nyan nyan” is the sound cats supposedly make, like “meow” in English.

A 180-milliter bottle of Nyan Nyan Nouveau sells for ¥399 ($4.10) over the Internet, and will be available in pet stores and supermarkets in time for the release of Beaujolais Nouveau in mid-November, according to Masahito Tsurumi, chief executive of B&H Lifes, the company that makes it. Based in Aichi prefecture, central Japan, and originally an offshoot of a sake brewer, B&H Lifes already sells supplement drinks, non-alcoholic beer, wine and sake for dogs.

Nyan Nyan Nouveau was created in response to requests from cat owners, Mr. Tsurumi said.

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[VIDEO] That’s not Grape-Nuts: Weatherman Accidentally Eats Cat Vomit on LIVE TV

Con Artists and Scammers Eager for Obamacare Grand Opening

With the Obama Administration scrambling to cobble together the Obamacare health insurance exchanges in time for the October 1st grand opening, experts say con artists and fraudsters are eager to begin exploiting the new law’s complexity and government-enforced fines to swindle uninsured Americans.

“There are people licking their chops and saying, ‘A sucker is born every minute,’” says Health Access California director Elizabeth Abbott.

Beyond the illegal Obamacare scammers, Georgetown University Health Policy Institute professor Sabrina Corlette tells TIME shady companies promising Obamacare mandate compliance may also prey and profit off citizens unfamiliar with the law’s maze of regulations.

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