Despite Judge’s Orders Obama Administration Refuses to Hand Over IRS Abuse Documents


John Hayward reports: Hey, remember how a watchdog group called Cause of Action filed a Freedom of Information Act request for documents pertaining to the investigation of taxpayer information handed over to the White House by the IRS, and the request went nowhere, so they sued, and a judge told the Treasury Department they had to cough up the documents, and then the Treasury Inspector General was all like, “Oh, wow, we’ve got 2,500 pages of documents on this deal, so we need a little more time to finish going through them before we hand them over?”O-SMDGE-CONDENSED

If it wasn’t so bad – if there wasn’t a ‘smidgen of corruption’ – why try so hard to keep these records silent?”

Never mind about seeing those documents, peons.  The Administration has decided not to hand them over after all, citing a statute that basically says the privacy of the people whose privacy the White House violated would be violated by revealing details of the White House violation to the public.  It all sounds pretty fishy to Cause of Action, as quoted in the Washington Examiner:smdg-tv2

Dan Epstein, executive director of Cause of Action, said Treasury was using “sophisticated” lawyering to weasel out of providing the documents. And he noted that their letter said that Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is now looking into “potential liability” that his tax aides broke laws in sharing taxpayer information with the White House. Read the rest of this entry »

SMIDGEN REPORT: Feds Won’t Release IRS Documents Shared with White House


Douglas Ernst reports: The federal government will not disclose thousands of documents sought by an IRS watchdog that may prove that taxpayer data was improperly shared with the White House.


[Also see “Improper Disclosure” – The Daily Caller]

The nonprofit Cause of Action filed a lawsuit against the federal government when its Freedom of Information Act requests were O-SMDGE-CONDENSEDstonewalled roughly two years ago. A judge agreed with the organization and ordered the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) to honor the request for transparency.

An attorney with TIGTA wrote Cause of Action on Tuesday and informed the organization of “2,509 pages of documents potentially responsive to your request,” Fox News reported Wednesday. Of those documents, 2,043 were in fact responsive to the organization’s request. Read the rest of this entry »

Group sues IRS for release of tax returns sought by Obama

If President Barack Obama has been looking at your taxes, the D.C.-based watchdog group Cause of Action wants to know about it.

Logo of Internal Revenue Service, USA

The group filed a suit Tuesday morning against the Internal Revenue Service over refusing to release the names of businesses and individuals whose returns interest the president.

“We’re concerned with the transparency of the president’s administration. We think that the administration should have to disclose the names for individuals and companies that it’s requesting tax records for”

Karen Groen, chief oversight counsel at Cause of Action told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Aware of the fact that federal law allows the president to seek IRS information from tax returns, Cause of Action filed a Freedom of Information Act request this April to investigate whether or not the president has done this, and if so, whose taxes is he looking out.

The IRS denied Cause of Action’s request, signaling to the group that something more was going on…

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