Starbucks: Race Discrimination to Come?


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By Roger Clegg National Review



Social Injustice in Seattle: Woman Arrested For Performing Sex Acts With Lawn Chairs


Police say an intoxicated woman engaged in intimate acts with a family’s lawn furniture

SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) – A Seattle woman was arrested after taking off her clothes and engaging in some rather lewd behavior with a family’s lawn furniture, reports KOMO-TV.

The woman urinated on the lawn before “quite purposefully exposing her genitalia, and then posterior, to the family inside the home.”

An “extremely intoxicated” 33-year-old woman wandered into a yard on Beacon Hill, says the police report. The family inside watched in horror as the woman “hiked up her dress and engaged in an intimate act with several lawn chairs.” (read more)

CBS Seattle – KOMO-TV

Stoned Headline of the Day? CBS Seattle

If you scroll down (or click here) you’ll see a news item about Marijuana from CBS Seattle. We took the headline as is, without noticing the first word in the headline “Stake”, makes no sense.  Yes, we missed it.

Here at punditfromanotherplanet, were pretty sure the CBS headline for this story was supposed to be ‘State“. Looks like someone on the night shift besides me let it slip right through. Catch it while it’s still there. I imagine it’ll be corrected by morning. In case it’s disappeared down the bunny hole, here’s a screen cap:


Keep it classy, Seattle!

Stake Taking Steps To Make Sure Marijuana Isn’t Used At Bars « CBS Seattle

Psychologist Loses License After Prostitute Steals Laptop

Adam Berry/Getty Images

Adam Berry/Getty Images

(CBS SEATTLE) – A psychologist’s license has been suspended after a prostitute stole a laptop containing confidential information regarding hundreds of patients.

According to a statement from the Washington State Department of Health, psychologist Sunil Kakar compromised the personal health information of 652 clients by leaving his personal laptop with a prostitute as a form of payment.

The Gig Harbor psychologist;’s license has been suspended immediately on charges of not protecting sensitive client information and he cannot practice until the charges are resolved.

Kakar left the laptop with a prostitute as a form of payment while he went to get cash from an ATM.  He returned to find the woman gone along with the computer.

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