GLOBAL PANIC OF 2014 REACHES CHINA: Freakishly Large, Bizzare Flying Insect Found in Sichuan Province, Experts Say


World’s largest flying aquatic insect, with huge, nightmarish pincers, has been discovered in China’s Sichuan province

Large enough to cover the face of a human adult, this scary-looking insect is also known among entomologists as an indicator of good water quality.

(CNN) – According to the Insect Museum of West China, local villagers in the outskirts of Chengdu handed over “weird insects that resemble giant dragonflies with long teeth” earlier this month.


“Let me be clear. This species was not found in our hemisphere. It was found over there, in China.”

Several of these odd critters were examined by the museum and found to be unusually large specimens of the giant dobsonfly, which is native to China and Vietnam.

 "I think the media is overreacting. I can kick that bug's ass"

“I think the media is overreacting. I can kick that bug’s ass”

The largest one measured 21 centimeters (8.27 inches) when its wings were open, according to the museum, busting the original record for largest aquatic insect held by a South American helicopter damselfly, which had a wingspan of 19.1 centimeters (7.5 inches). Read the rest of this entry »

Man jumps into tiger enclosure in China and asks to be eaten

China News

Source: Jin115 Source: Jin115

On February 16, horrified onlookers watched as a Chinese man jumped into a bengal tiger enclosure at Chengdu Zoo in Sichuan province, south-west China. The man taunted the two tigers for twenty minutes, offering his flesh to them and asking to be eaten.

Despite desperate attempts to enrage the animals, 27-year-old Yang Jinhai escaped with only minor cuts and scratches after one of the tigers dragged him by the back of his clothes. According to onlookers, the other tiger ran away from the commotion as soon as Jinhai jumped into the pen.

Zoo keepers were able to rescue Jinhai after tranquillising the tiger that dragged him. Once questioned by staff, the man said he felt sad for the caged beasts as they were unable to hunt naturally for food. He wanted to improve their conditions by offering himself to them as game.

According to family members, Jinhai had…

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BBC and China Central TV to Open Story Development Center


HONG KONG — reports: The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and China Central Television (CCTV) are to set up a center for story development.

The center is part of an agreement between the two state-backed broadcast giants that was signed Monday (Nov. 18) at the Sichuan TV Festival in Chengdu, China.

They said that the center will develop documentaries for TV audiences which will focus on the Chinese and Asian markets, but also possibly target global audiences. The deal is expected to last an initial three years. Read the rest of this entry »

Women Biggest Buyers of Voodoo Dolls in China

Among the voodoo curses are those that target former boyfriends, colleagues, bosses, and women who steal boyfriends.

Among the voodoo curses are those that target former boyfriends, colleagues, bosses, and women who steal boyfriends.

A search for voodoo dolls on China’s online shopping platform Taobao yields thousands of results, with most of the 6,000 comments posted by females, according to the Chengdu-based West China City Daily.

Among the voodoo curses are those that target former boyfriends, colleagues, bosses, and women who steal boyfriends. Read the rest of this entry »

The Mystery of Deng Hong: Shadowy Chinese billionaire behind world’s largest building vanishes

From Malcolm Moore, The TelegraphIt is the biggest building in the world; 16 Wembley stadiums could fit underneath its vast roof. (See The Telegraph’s feature article and spectacular photo essay here)

But the New Century Global Centre, a behemoth in the central city of Chengdu which formally opened at the end of last month, has instantly become China’s largest and most embarrassing monument to the allegations of corruption that have wormed through the Communist Party.

The 50-year-old billionaire behind the project, Deng Hong, once one of China’s richest men, has vanished and is thought to be in police custody. “We don’t know where he is,”a spokesman for his company, Entertainment and Travel Group (ETG) said. Read the rest of this entry »

Guns Against Tyranny

Tiananmen Square, April, 1989.

Tiananmen Square, April, 1989.

Lily Tang Williams writes: I was born in Chengdu, China. When I was growing up, the Communist Party controlled everything. There were no choices of any sort. We were all poor except the elite. The local government rationed everything from pork to rice, sugar, and flour because there were not enough supplies. We were allowed only a kilogram of pork per month for our family of five. We lived in two rooms, without heat in the winter. I got impetigo during the cold, humid winters. There were eight families living around our courtyard, and we all had to share one bathroom (a hole in the ground) for males, one for females. We had only government-run medical clinics, where the conditions were filthy and services were horrible. I was afraid of going there because I might get some other infectious diseases. Read the rest of this entry »

The Caste

Meet the men and women who really run the world

2012 Fortune Global Forum / AP


When President Obama greets Chinese leader Xi Jinping at the Sunnylands estate in California today, another, arguably more important meeting will be taking place across the Pacific Ocean, in the central Chinese city of Chengdu. The Fortune Global Forum, an invitation-only conference of Fortune 500 CEOs, Chinese elites, and fashionable journalists, began on June 6 at the Shangri-La luxury hotel along the Jin River. The forum concludes on June 8. If there is an event that better explains the feeling of estrangement and frustration and cynicism ordinary Americans feel toward the men and women who govern and manage them, I can’t think of it.

The “partners” or sponsors of the forum include some of the largest and most famous corporations and brand names in the world: Air China, Coca-Cola, DuPont, Lenovo, Volvo, McKinsey, J.P. Morgan, APCO Worldwide, and the George Washington University, among others. The CEOs and top executives of Burberry, AOL, McKinsey, Time Warner,, Honeywell, J.P. Morgan, SINOPEC, ConocoPhillips, Morgan Stanley, Johnson and Johnson, GE, Walt Disney Company, Dreamworks Animation, Novartis, Intel, Baidu, Qualcomm, Evercore, Starwood Hotels, and Royal Phillips Electronics will be there, as will dozens of top Chinese officials and businesspeople whose relationship to the Communist Party must play a not-unimportant role in their lives. Business journalists from Fortune and Time and Reuters will be there. The usual suspects of the global convergence circuit will be there: Jon Huntsman, Hank Paulson, Kevin Rudd, Joshua Cooper Ramo, Ken Lieberthal, Carlos Gutierrez, Christopher Dodd. Yao Ming will be there. So will Yu Wenxia, Miss World 2012, who may be doing more for Sino-American relations than the rest of the list combined.

The conference schedule is a snooze, unless your hobbies include reading up on Chinese energy independence. But summits are not really defined by their breakout sessions and self-serious panels. They are defined by the forging of what the Chinese callguanxi: connections, networks, relationships, bands of influence and power. I doubt, for example, that DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, who helps bankroll the U.S. Democratic Party, is overly interested in Håkan Samuelsson, the CEO of Volvo, droning on at a roundtable discussion on the future of transportation. But Katzenberg probably is very interested indeed in meeting Zhang Gaoli, vice premier of the People’s Republic and a member of its collective dictatorship, the Politburo, who opened the proceedings with a speech pledging economic liberalization. Zhang can help Katzenberg grease his way into the Chinese box-office, and hire Chinese animators at bargain wages. “I believe in the leadership here,” Katzenberg said in Beijing Thursday. Of course he does. They’ve made him filthy, stinking rich.
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