[VIDEO] Lowry: Hamas Hopes ‘Media Is Lazy Enough’ to Only Report Casualty Numbers, Ignore Use of Human Shields

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Vintage Illustration: Shipyard Safety Guide


Source: Arielle Celine

The Social (Drone) Network

 writes:  The word drone didn’t always have the negative connotation it has been saddled with through frequent news coverage of U.S. military bombing using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). There are many benign uses of drone technology, and these are pretty far removed from what you see on the news. Many hobbyists and some commercial photographers are using small camera-carrying drones for fun or to make money.

One group of enthusiasts seeks to change how people view drones. According to the Drone User Group Netowork (DUGN) website, the organization “seeks to foster interest in the use of civilian unmanned aerial technology and demonstrate its positive potential for humanity.” Read the rest of this entry »