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Here’s the good news. You know that term that pops into your head when you hear a president offering an all-too-perfect anecdote of an all-too-perfect ordinary American writing in to him, offering a comment that just happens to perfectly illuminate the point he wants to make? Like when Bill Clinton gave his 1994 State of the Union Address? Well, someone within the White House — perhaps Bill himself! — had the same thought, too:


This is from the latest Clinton Presidential Library document dump, which I discussed with Fox News Friday afternoon

[VIDEO] Geraghty: Clinton Docs a Reminder that Hillary Wont Be Able to Run as D.C. Outsider 

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FLASHBACK: ‘Obama Can Handle 3 a.m. Crisis Call’, Clinton Says

June 07, 2009 – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Sunday took back what was arguably her toughest criticism of her former presidential primary foe, saying President Obama is entirely capable of handling the so-called “3 a.m. call.”


“The president in his public actions and demeanor, and certainly in private with me and with the national security team, has been strong, thoughtful, decisive…I think he is doing a terrific job. And it’s an honor to serve with him.”

The hypothetical phone call was the centerpiece of one of Clinton’s most powerful primary campaign ads. The ad, which raised the question of whether her one-time opponent could handle an international crisis in the middle of the night, complemented her criticism on the trail that Obama was naive and untested.

Now that Clinton serves in Obama’s Cabinet, Clinton said Obama “absolutely” has answered that question — in the affirmative.

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William Jefferson Clinton: Cartoonist


Hacker leaks former presidential doodles

imagesDrawings hacked and leaked from the Clinton Presidential Library late Wednesday suggest the 42nd president should stick to the sax.

The hacker known as “Guccifer” – who gained notoriety for publicly releasing the paintings of former President George W. Bush – found the ‘90s-era presidential doodles in a file labeled with Clinton’s initials.

Gawker was the first to publish “wjcdoodles,” which include the Stars and Stripes, presidential limo, a chicken wing and one particularly long-nosed dragon.

Check out all the leaked doodles here.

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