If Only Fredo Corleone Mixed Chocolate with his Coffee, He Could Have Been Smart, Not Like People Say



Participants showed quicker response rates from those who drank cocoa and those with the caffeine-cocoa concoction also had higher accuracy than those with the cocoa drink.

Adding the sweet stuff to your coffee may help you concentrate better, a study from the University of Georgia has found.

The study compared the “mental energy” effects of four different hot beverages, one with cocoa, one with caffeine, one with a combination of the two and the final as a placebo.

Each day, the participants drank one of the four drinks and were asked to complete a “mental energy test.”

‘It ain’t the way I wanted it! I can handle things! I’m smart! Not like everybody says… like dumb… I’m smart and I want respect!’

Participants showed quicker response rates from those who drank cocoa and those with the caffeine-cocoa concoction also had higher accuracy than those with the cocoa drink.

Along with…

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Poster: Arlatte Chicoree Bleu Argent


History: ‘The Women’s Petition Against Coffee’




Howard Schultz: America Deserves a Servant President a Good Cup of Coffee!


It’s election time. Will Howard Schultz run for president?

Howard Schultz: America Deserves a Servant Leader – The New York Times

In the Battle of Billionaires, Howard Schultz Doesn’t Measure Up to Trump

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Says He Isn’t Running for President

Why Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz won’t run for president

People keep asking Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz if he’s running for president—and he keeps saying no



Seattle-Area Erotic Espresso Stand Torched by Man on Bicycle, Police Search for Arsonist


LACEY — Police are asking for the public’s help in finding an arsonist that allegedly smashed an espresso stand window, threw an incendiary device and lit the stand on fire.


Around 4 a.m. July 22, an arson occurred at the Bongiorno Brew Espresso stand in the 4900 block of Lacey Boulevard, Lacey police said. According to cops, the suspect rode up to the stand on his bicycle, shattered a window and lit a prepared incendiary device.

The suspect then tossed the device inside and took off, police said….(read more)

Q13 FOX News

Starbucks: Race Discrimination to Come?


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By Roger Clegg National Review



[PHOTO] Haunted Coffee


[VIDEO] Comedians in Cars Season 6 Preview


[VIDEO] Mad Science: How to Turn Ordinary Vacuum Light Bulbs into a Coffee Maker

“The post-apocalyptic coffee maker is heated by fire, which brings the water to a boil. After that happens, the coffee starts brewing through the confusing contraption until you’ve got a fresh- brewed cup of java waiting for you inside a bulb…”

Popular Mechanics


Samantha Cristoforetti: First Italian Woman in Orbit, Brewing the First Espresso in Space

First Espresso in Space

“To boldly brew….”


New York Times

St. Helena Island’s Secret Weapon: Some of the Rarest, Most Expensive Coffee in the World


The rare beans have fans in independent coffee roasters and dealers in the European Union, Russia, Japan, the United States, South Korea and Taiwan

Jamestown (AFP) – Jean Liou reports: Most coffee snobs can only dream of sipping on a brew made from Saint Helena beans. Imported from Yemen in the 18th century, the tiny South Atlantic island’s green-tipped Bourbon Arabica coffee plant produces some of the world’s most expensive — and most delectable — beans.

St Helena coffee’s most famous fan was French emperor Napoleon, who said it was “the only good thing” about living in exile in a rat-infested house on the island for six years until his death in 1821.

“This coffee has a superb fragrant bouquet with no off flavours and pleasant floral fruity hints of citrus and caramel strongly hinting of its Yemeni origins.”

The sheer remoteness of the far-flung British island — stranded between South America and Africa — has preserved the genetic heritage of the coffee planted by the East India Company, the English trading company, almost 300 years ago.

But good luck getting your hands on the beans, which have become scarce after years of neglect.

The RMS Saint Helena anchored in the bay of the South Atlantic island of Saint Helena off the coast from Jamestown (AFP Photo/Jean Liou)

The RMS Saint Helena anchored in the bay of the South Atlantic island of Saint Helena off the coast from Jamestown (AFP Photo/Jean Liou)

Coffee groves on the island, which has a varied climate despite being on the equator, were left deserted until some enthusiasts started cultivating the crop again in the 1990s.

That renaissance was short-lived. The main producer went bankrupt, even after putting the beans on sale in London’s exclusive Harrods store.

“Our market is global but the quantities are tiny. For example, the harvest this year is 200 kilos (440 pounds), which does not take us very far.”

— Peter de Bruyne, director of British importer St Helena Trading

Then in 2009, Solomon & Company — a public company known as Solomons on the island — took over and breathed new life into the Bamboo Hedge plantation.

“It had become overgrown and there was die-back on many of the trees,” said Mandy Peters, Solomons’ executive director.

Bill Bolton, 74, a pensioner from Britain who has lived in Saint Helena since 1991, walks in his coffee plantation in Jamestown on March 14, 2015 (AFP Photo/Jean Liou)

Bill Bolton, 74, a pensioner from Britain who has lived in Saint Helena since 1991, walks in his coffee plantation in Jamestown on March 14, 2015 (AFP Photo/Jean Liou)

“It’s a hobby, really. It’s very slow and laborious, everything is done by hand.”

— Bill Bolton, who runs a cafe near the port of Jamestown, the capital of the island

“We have been slowly rebuilding the plantation.”

Still, the organic beans are in short supply.

Solomons produces between one and 1.5 tonnes a year, a tiny amount considering world coffee production was about 8.5 million tonnes in 2014. Read the rest of this entry »

Love K-Cups? You’re Killing the Coffee Business

Featured Image -- 68996

Jon Gabriel: ‘I suppose I could categorize my friends by ethnicity, but the thought makes my skin crawl. They’re friends, not racial statistics’


The Broader Problem with Starbucks’ Racialism

 writes: In an effort to solve America’s race issues once and for all, Starbucks is offering a discussion guide named “Your Race Relations Reality Check.” The document is featured to the right. This is not a Photoshop. This is real. One of the biggest companies on Earth thought this was A Good Idea.

“I’ve grown accustomed to the hand-wringing of rich white liberals, the smug preachiness of corporations, and the intrusion of politics into everyday life. But this ‘Reality Check’ revealed something deeper.”

Starbucks asks how many of your friends are of a different race and how that compares to your parents’ and kids’ racial quotas. They want to know the racial makeup of your neighborhood, workplace and Facebook stream. Have race-relations-reality-check-SByou let people of other races into your home? Have you entered theirs? And why didn’t you keep up with that childhood friend of a different race?

“I can’t even answer the Starbucks questionnaire. I have no idea the races of my parents’ or kids’ friends and even if I did, why would it matter? I suppose I could categorize my friends by ethnicity, but the thought makes my skin crawl. They’re friends, not racial statistics.”

For the past few days, I’ve tried to identify what most bugs me about this Starbucks stunt. I’ve grown accustomed to the hand-wringing of rich white liberals, the smug preachiness of corporations, and the intrusion of politics into everyday life. But this “Reality Check” revealed something deeper.

[Read the full text here, at Ricochet]

Let me veer onto a tangent; I’ll get back to the point in a minute. Starting with my first job out of college, I’ve had to mingle at trade shows, launch parties and corporate events where I was ordered to chat up complete strangers. I’m an introvert, so this was almost a fate worse than death. I’m some punk kid and they’re middle-aged bankers and software developers — what on earth am I supposed to talk about?

“This reveals one of my fundamental issues with the progressive mindset: they are obsessed with dividing Americans into discrete, controllable categories.”

So I came up with a conversation hack to sidestep my inner wallflower. I needed them to tell me something — anything — we might have in common. It would go like this:

“Where is your office located?”


“So, what’s going on with those Huskers? Could be an interesting year…”

Then I’d shut up and nod for 10 minutes.


In that first job, most of the guests were male and often from rural areas, so I would just mention the name of the nearest college and let them educate me on the sports there. Read the rest of this entry »

Citizens, Wake Up and Smell the Starbucks: Does American Capitalism Have a New Flavor?


[VIDEO] ‘Dana’ Takes on Starbucks and #RaceTogether

Dana Loesch explores the new Starbucks campaign #RaceTogether.

See more at TheBlaze.com/TV

White Sugar, Brown Hand: Michelle Malkin’s Non-Starbucks Coffee Tweet #RaceTogether

Caffeine Activism

Americans Should Drink More Coffee


Not only can people stop worrying about whether drinking coffee is bad for them, according to the panel, they might even want to consider drinking a bit more

Roberto A. Ferdman reports: When the nation’s top nutrition panel released its latest dietary recommendations on Thursday, the group did something it had never done before: weigh in on whether people should be drinking coffee. What it had to say is pretty surprising.

“I don’t want to get into implying coffee cures cancer — nobody thinks that. But there is no evidence for increased risk, if anything, the other way around.”

— Tom Brenna, a member of the committee and a nutritionist at Cornell University

Not only can people stop worrying about whether drinking coffee is bad for them, according to the panel, they might even want to consider drinking a bit more.

Ryan Ludwig, of Counter Culture Coffee, prepares a coffee cupping, or tasting, at the company's training center in lower Manhattan. Leslie Josephs/The Wall Street Journal

Ryan Ludwig, of Counter Culture Coffee, prepares a coffee cupping, or tasting, at the company’s training center in lower Manhattan. Photo credit: Leslie Josephs

“We saw that coffee has a lot of health benefits. Specifically when you’re drinking more than a couple cups per day.”

— Miriam Nelson, a professor at Tufts University

The panel cited minimal health risks associated with drinking between three and five cups per day. It also said that consuming as many as five cups of coffee each day (400 mg) is tied to several health benefits, including a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.


“We saw that coffee has a lot of health benefits,” said Miriam Nelson, a professor at Tufts University and one of the committee’s members. “Specifically when you’re drinking more than a couple cups per day.”

“The decision, which broke the committee’s more than 40 years of silence on coffee, was driven by heightened interest in the caffeinated beverage as well as a growing anxiety about potential health risks associated with it.”

That’s great news if you’re already drinking between three and five cups each day, which Nelson and the rest of the panel consider a “moderate” level of consumption. But you know what? You probably aren’t, Giant Coffee Cupbecause people in this country actually tend to consume a lot less than that.

“It remains to be seen whether the Department of Health and Human Services or the Agriculture Department will take the committee’s recommendations for coffee intake to heart and include them in the official dietary guidelines update…”

On average, Americans only drink about one cup of coffee per day, according to data collected by the United States Department of Agriculture. Even when Americans drank the most coffee they ever have, back in 1946, they still only drank two cups a day on average. Read the rest of this entry »

A 17th-Century Argument for the Many Virtues of Coffee, Chocolate, and Tea

Prediction: Nate Silver, 2:00 PM ET

Headline of the Day: Tattoos Okay!


Designer Buzz: Pantone Universe Coffee Pots


This isn’t a product endorsement, or ad, just an eye-catching combo of design + design. Or maybe I know too many caffeinated graphic designers. I could be wrong, but I expect this will enjoy success.

Whitbread Wilkinson has just launched Pantone Coffee Pots in three different sizes. The colorful percolators have a retro Italian style –that is pretty darn cool– and come in your choice of Pantone Colors. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Not Just the Militarization of Police: In Seattle, Even Coffee Delivery is Militarized



(SEATTLE) Spotted near a public market, August 24, 2014. Parked, unattended. Reports that it transports containers of psychoactive chemicals, powerful stimulants commonly found in high-grade roasted coffee beans, though unconfirmed, are currently under investigation. weaponized-coffee-delivery2

“Based on the estimated storage size, I wouldn’t underestimate the payload of a vehicle like this.”

— Unnamed State Department Official

According to our analysis, a truck this size this could give an entire urban neighborhood — perhaps even an entire city — a full-scale nervous breakdown.

“The potential neurological affects on an unsuspecting population are enormous. If this armoried vehicle is filled with containers of rich, dark-roasted, military-grade caffeinated material, we would very much like to have a sample, so our lab can analyze it,” said Senior chemical Lt. Jack McGuffin. 

Local law enforcement agencies neither confirmed or denied knowledge of militarized coffee delivery vehicles. The Department of Homeland Security declined to comment. Further research indicates that this truck is owned and operated by Motofish Coffee Company. We sent a reporter to investigate, with instructions to collect samples, and pick up donuts on the way back. Read the rest of this entry »

OUT: Driving to a Starbucks Drive-through IN: Double-Tall Lattes on Horseback

From left, Clara Duncan, Emily Hesse, Alana Linderoth, Hannah Sperber and Ady Crosby and their horses stop outside the drive-through window at Starbucks and wait for their coffee order.— Image Credit: Submitted Photo

From left, Clara Duncan, Emily Hesse, Alana Linderoth, Hannah Sperber and Ady Crosby and their horses stop outside the drive-through window at Starbucks and wait for their coffee order.— Image Credit: Submitted Photo

Is it polite to offer your horse a coffee, too? It might improve the horsepower…


For the Sequim Gazette ReporterAlana Linderoth writes:

“…The latest ride Dancer and I embarked on was a trek from North Barr Road into Sequim to go through the drive-through at Starbucks. This was the first time I have ever ordered a coffee at Starbucks on horseback. In total there were five riders going…” Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] The Next Frontier: ‘ISSpresso’ Authentic Italian Espresso in Space

“Our aerospace engineers have designed a new-concept coffeemaker, which is safe for the astronauts and able to function in microgravity conditions.”

— David Avino, Managing Director of Argotec

As capsule-based espresso machines have taken over the world, one Italian coffee company plans to take its coffee to space. Italian coffee manufacturer Lavazza has announced it is working with the Italian Space Agency (ISA) and engineering firm Argotect to take the authentic Italian espresso into orbit.


The machine will go by the name ISSpresso, from the acronym of the International Space Station (ISS), where it is to be installed

Following numerous complaints by Italian astronauts over the last 13 years that what they miss most while on duty at the International Space Station is a high quality espresso, the company hope that Samantha Christoforetti, who is set to become the first Italian woman to go into space in November can enjoy a warm cup of coffee on board.


The plastic tube carrying water inside a standard espresso machine has been replaced with a special steel tube designed to withstand pressure above 400 bar, while the machine and its accompanying equipment weighs around 20kg.


Astronauts will not be restricted to a shot of espresso for their caffeine fix, with the innovative capsule system able to produce other hot drinks like a caffe lungo or even a cup of tea.

espresso in space_0

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Black Bong Water for the 21st Century Connoisseur: Marijuana Infused Coffee


DC News FOX 5 reports: A new product promises drinkers a jolt of something extra than your daily dose of caffeine.

[You can order all kinds of coffee supplies from Amazon]

Washington state based Mirth Provisions plans to release a cannabis-infused cold-brew coffee called “Legal,” as the new product will only be available in markets where marijuana is legal.


Creator Adam Stites told My Northwest that each  bottle will contain about 20 milligrams of THC, enough to create “an alert, creative, high,” but not too much as to make it an unpleasant experience, “especially for people that are just getting into marijuana.”


On the company website, Mirth Provisions proclaims their coffee is “ mighty refreshing poured over ice or just sipped straight from the bottle. Knock one back with your compadres and take on the day with a smooth buzz and a grin a mile wide.” Read the rest of this entry »

How About a Meat-Like Cup of Joe?

Ryan Ludwig, of Counter Culture Coffee, prepares a coffee cupping, or tasting, at the company's training center in lower Manhattan. Leslie Josephs/The Wall Street Journal

Ryan Ludwig, of Counter Culture Coffee, prepares a coffee cupping, or tasting, at the company’s training center in lower Manhattan. Leslie Josephs/The Wall Street Journal

Calling the Industry Standard Guide Too Technical, Timothy Hill Brews Up a New Flavor Wheel

For WSJ.comLeslie Josephs writes: Coffee buyer Timothy Hill has reinvented the wheel, and it is causing quite a stir.

The 31-year-old purchaser for Durham, N.C., roaster Counter Culture Coffee has rolled out a new version of a tool long used by coffee tasters to elicit the adjectives that may be on the tip of the tongue: a flavor wheel.

Flavor wheels are colorful reference tools that aid food and beverage tasters of all stripes. Mr. Hill’s pastel-hued downloadable disc includes 140 terms, each representing a food or flavor that may be used to describe a cup of coffee, from snow peas to black currant, from clementine to “meat-like.” The terms are ones the wheel’s defenders say are accessible to most coffee drinkers.

His new wheel is gaining traction, challenging the industry standard: the nearly 20-year-old flavor wheel of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, a trade group whose members include Mr. Hill’s employer.

What flavors are in your cup?

As the gourmet coffee industry grows, the industry is grappling with ways to best describe the countless flavors in a brewed cup. Compare two coffee wheels.

The SCAA’s own circular guide outlines the flavors and defects that are wafted, slurped and evaluated by coffee purveyors from Folgers to roasters like Counter Culture, whose retail coffee fetches around $15 for a 12-ounce bag. But that wheel is too technical, with terms like “enzymatic” and “nippy,” for many coffee drinkers to understand, Mr. Hill said. “It’s…not the most user-friendly wheel,” he said. Read the rest of this entry »

Here’s What Your Favorite Coffee Beverege Says About Your Personality


(read more) TIME.com

Starbucks Barista Draws a 666 in Coffee Foam, Customer Careful Not to Disrespect His ‘Beliefs’


The story is here. I just pulled out the customer’s quote. I call this the ass-kissing “non-judgmental” quote of the day:

“I am in no way judging his beliefs or dis-meriting his beautiful artwork, I am however judging his lack of professionalism and respect for others.”

What? Beautiful artwork? Being so careful not to be perceived as judging this moron’s ‘beliefs’? You think this guy is expressing his legitimate religious views on coffee foam?

I can imagine, in todays climate, if this customer dared to judge the barista, she would invite a Facebook or Twitter hate-storm. She’d be branded a bigot. Accused of “Satanist-shaming”, or “Art-shaming”. A mob would rise up to defend the barista. They would find her home address, her work address, protest on her lawn, threaten to burn her house down.

I interviewed Orin Miller, an actual Satan worshiper in San Francisco, to get a response. Here’s what he said:

“That woman should feel free to judge his beliefs. And feel free to call him an idiot, and a poser. As a Satanist, I’m offended. I wouldn’t want some coffee-jerk drawing a picture of Jesus on my cappuccino foam. Why should she have to be careful not to insult him? “

— Orin Miller, Church of Satan, San Francisco

Then I asked Orin, how should have she reacted? What would have been a more appropriate response?

His reply:

“Look. I’m probably the wrong person to ask, but here’s what I think. If she spit hot coffee in his face, or burned his eyelids off with a cigarette lighter, or cut his thumbs off with a knife and fed them to pigs under a full moon, I wouldn’t blame her”. 

That was harsher than I expected, but that’s what I get for asking.

Okay, well, there is no guy named Orin Miller in San Francisco, I just made that up. But you get the idea, right? This is not the time to indulge misplaced tolerance. Be intolerant. Don’t tolerate jackasses. Nobody has to be a doormat. She got played.


Starbucks: Sorry About 666 in Coffee Foam

Industrial Pundit Fuel Update

100,000 espressos and still going strong

100,000 espressos and still going strong

Punditfromanotherplanet’s 24-hour news laboratory had a brief crisis this week, when the fuel source was temporarily interrupted. Yes, the espresso supply chain stopped in mid-stream, when the primary caffeine processor was offline. When I flipped it on, it didn’t boot up. With advice from a professional repair consultant, I discovered it’s easy to find the reset button, reset it, and fully restore functionality. Voila! The Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine is now serving.

Turns out, earlier that day, in a neglectful moment, I’d left the steamer on a bit too long, unattended. It overheated, and it activated an internal breaker. It self-protected. Brilliant.  It reminded me that this machine exceeds my previous model Francis Francis Italian espresso (which also got a lot of mileage) machine’s features. The Silvia protected itself from overheating. And the reset (briefly removing the top panel) was a simple process. Rather than a repair bill, a new boiler, or internal electronics, it just needed a push of a button to reset it.

[Check out Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine, and others, at Amazon.com]

I was originally drawn to the Silvia because it falls neatly into the ‘pro-sumer’ line of home espresso machines. More expensive than the typical home model, but more affordable than the high-end models that are professional enough to use in a a restaurant or bar. I found it’s one of the best-reviewed, most prized, durable and elegant pundit fuel sources in its price range, with a sleek, industrial feel, compared to most lightweight home models.

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A Coffee Maker That Looks Like It Comes From A Chemistry Lab


Perhaps it’s the late nights at the lab, or just the fact that the ubiquitous glassware is so well suited for double duty brewing up a cup of joe, but chemistry and coffee have always seemed to go hand in hand. The Café Balāo is a coffee machine that even Mendeleev (or Gale Boetticher) could have loved: a siphon-like coffeemaker that borrows its design cues not from Nespresso, but from the equipment of a science-age chemistry lab.

Designed by Portuguese design student Davide Mateus, the Café Balāo looks very much at first glance like a modified version of the Kipp Apparatus. There are two tiers of the Balāo, one for water and the other coffee, each of which is made with reinforced glass. Place ground coffee in the top bulb, and fill the bottom tier with water. A submerged electric coil heats up and boils the water when the Balāo is plugged in.

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Why is Coffee Good? Because, Reasons

Coffee isn’t just warm and energizing, it may also be extremely good for you.

coffee-from-potIn recent years and decades, scientists have studied the effects of coffee on various aspects of health and their results have been nothing short of amazing.

Here are 7 reasons why coffee may actually be one of the healthiest beverages on the planet.

1. Coffee Can Make You Smarter

Coffee doesn’t just keep you awake, it may literally make you smarter as well.

The active ingredient in coffee is caffeine, which is a stimulant and the most commonly consumed psychoactive substance in the world.    Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Super-Freaky Telekinetic `Carrie´ Prank at NYC Coffee Shop

YouTube – Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

How to Make Perfect Coffee

By Michael Haft and Harrison Suarez

Coffee has become recognized as a human necessity. It is no longer a luxury or an indulgence; it is a corollary of human energy and human efficiency.

– William H. Ukers, All About Coffee (1922)

It was November 23, 2010. We were in Surf City, North Carolina, getting ready to fortify ourselves before another grueling day. As the thin, black liquid oozed into the stained carafe, we stood bleary-eyed.

We were roommates, Marine infantry officers, perpetually sleep-deprived from the training, the planning, the preparations for war. Back then coffee was little more than a bitter, caffeine-delivery system. It was just what we needed to stay awake.

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Hot Rod Home Coffee Roasters, The Spirit of Invention : Homemade and Seriously Modified!

fr8hotrod = boutell !!!

Hot Rod Home Coffee Roasters: The Spirit of Invention

For some people who roast their own coffee, off-the-shelf home coffee roasting appliances don’t cut it. Either they don’t offer enough control of the roast, are too expensive, or just don’t allow the roaster (uh, the person that is) to express themselves. The homemade or seriously modified commercial roasters on this page are alternately amusing and intimidating in appearance, but whatever the case, they probably work very well. And if they don’t, you can bet they will be reconfigured endlessly until they do by their respective owners. A disclaimer on behalf of every roaster on this page: modifying electric and gas roasting equipment is dangerous. A 120 v shock isn’t half as bad as burning down your house though, and that is a serious possibility. When you build or modify a roaster, you assume a great deal of risk, and should be extremely cautious. You never, ever, ever walk away from a machine when it is in use. And you should unplug electric roasters even when they are off. Be safe, have fun. Most of these people are regulars on the Sweet Maria’s Homeroast List. Also see my pictures of coffee roasters…and of course, our Coffee Library page.

The PHOTOS in this archive of DIY Gizmo Hot-Rod Home-Roasting Madness are not to be missed. This is the most insane coffee-related site I’ve seen all year.

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The Marines Secret Weapon: Coffee



Every American knows the story of the Boston Tea Party and its implications on the Revolutionary War. Lesser known, but perhaps of greater relevance to a nation recognized more for coffee breaks than tea time, is the fact that America’s taste for coffee is inextricably linked to the history of its military.

We weren’t aware of it until just recently. But in hindsight, it made perfect sense that we would become obsessed with coffee when we joined the Marines. As we later discovered, we were part of a long line of men whose enthusiasm for the drink was closely tied to their experiences in the service.

The Marines Secret Weapon: Coffee - NYTimes.com

As Capt. Robert K. Beecham wrote in his book, “Gettysburg: The Pivotal Battle of the Civil War”: “The power of the soldiers to endure the fatigue of the march and keep their places in the ranks was greatly enhanced by an opportunity to brew a cup of coffee by the wayside.”

Coffee’s popularity grew in the years following Reconstruction. But it didn’t become a household staple until the confluence of the Industrial Revolution, the rise of the advertising age and the cultural mixing that occurred during World War I. As William Ukers explained in The Tea and Coffee Trade Journal, “the 2,000,000 soldiers who went overseas and there had their coffee three times a day…since returning to civilian life are using it more than ever before.”

The Marines Secret Weapon: Coffee - NYTimes.com

By the time of World War II, American servicemen were consuming 32.5 pounds of coffee per capita, per year, with the Army Quartermaster Corps going so far as to roast, grind, vacuum pack and ship its own beans overseas. Meanwhile, legend has it that when soldiers in Italy encountered espresso, they watered it down to make a concoction similar to the coffee they drank at home. There are many competing accounts, but some people surmise that these were the humble beginnings of the drink we now know as an “Americano.”

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REVEALED: The Real Reason Romney’s Not Winning


The man needs coffee. Lots of coffee. Gallons of it.


Mitt Romney needs to temporarily suspend his Mormon custom of avoiding caffeine, and go on a binge, consuming quadruple shots of espresso every morning. Then chase it with six tall mugs of black coffee. Then, while on the road, tall paper cups of hot black coffee.

Imagine what that could do to improve his clarity, sharpen his focus, promote alertness, and awaken his aggression?

Do you think his opponents are caffeine-free? Think Axelrod neglects to start his day with mugs of morning coffee? Think David Plouffe misses his morning jolt? Think Obama says “no thank you” when coffee is offered? I don’t think so. Does he not realize that lacking healthy doses of caffeine, he’s at a critical campaign disadvantage? Is it any wonder his poll numbers aren’t double digits ahead of opponent?

Memo to Romney’s staff: order a couple hundred pounds of premium coffee, grind it, brew it up, pour a nice steaming mug, and wave it under his nose. Explain the benefits. Get him to accept it.  And drink it. Then drink more of it. Wait 30 minutes. Then lead him to the stage, in front of an audience and TV cameras, and hand him the microphone.

Trust me.

Within two or three news cycles, it’ll be a whole new campaign.