Marvel Comics to Abandon Social Justice Storylines?


The customers seem to have gotten through.

Tom Knighton writes: For a lot of comics fans, Marvel just isn’t what it used to be. While the comic line that gave us Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, and the X-Men has often been tinged with a bit of politics — for example, discrimination liberal-huhagainst mutants is common in the Marvel universe — recent comics from the company have been overwhelmingly political, and always politically left.

[Meanwhile, sales of comics are nosediving.]

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Many fans have been less than appreciative. Luckily, it now seems those days are over:

Of late this kind of storytelling has become more pronounced, probably kicked off with the likes of The Authority, Ultimates and Civil War, with more recent stories in comics such a s Captain America, The Champions and Ms. Marvel wearing their politics firmly on their spandex sleeves.There has also been reaction from some fan communities and retailers to these kind of stories as having no place in superhero comics, despite all the many examples that have preceded it. Maybe it’s a little more obvious now? Maybe everyone is interpreting everything politically? Maybe fans wish for a time when they didn’t realise their superhero comics had political elements? Read the rest of this entry »

Why would hey steal presents from a child?


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‘Exciting Comics’


By Alex Schomburg. [The Comic Book Catacombs] (via greystokedpodcast)

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Comic Book Artwork: Captain America ‘Red Skull in the Morning Cap Take Warning!’


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[COMIC] ‘If Science Solved the Secrets of Gland Control’


Why is My Spidey Sense Tingling?


Comics: ‘Human Insect Diary’


Batman #68, Featuring Harvey Dent: Cover Art by Win Mortimer, DC Comics, 1951


Batman #68 (DC, 1951) Perhaps the definitive Two-Face cover. Harvey Dent appearance. Atomic explosion panels. Win Mortimer cover. Dick Sprang and Bob Kane art.


Célébrissime Affiche Belge du Film de Fisher ‘Brides of Dracula‘ 1960


Célébrissime affiche belge du film de Fisher “Brides of Dracula” (Hammer-1960). Un maximum de personnages rentrés au chausse-pied… Doc.: Universal Film S.A.

Source: Steve Niles

Comic Panel: ‘For Peace! Fire!!’


Wonder Woman #33, 1949



Image from Wonder Woman #33 (1949)


Question: It Came From Where?


A Television Screen! Let’s See What Goes On in This World Of The Future!


The Incredible Hulk: Hostess Fruit Pie?


World’s Finest Comics #33 (1948)

World’s Finest Comics #33 (1948)

Captain America’s Bicentennial Battles, 1976


Strange Tales #36: ‘The Man Who Turned Off The Sun!’ 1955


Strange Tales #36 (1955)

Humanoid Robots as Models: Julie Watai’s Manga & Otaku-Inspired Photography

tumblr_np2lar1Ax11qbg26yo5_500 tumblr_np2lar1Ax11qbg26yo4_500 tumblr_np2lar1Ax11qbg26yo7_500 tumblr_np2lar1Ax11qbg26yo1_500 tumblr_np2lar1Ax11qbg26yo6_500

Japanese photographer Julie Watai creates manga and otaku-inspired photography, often using humanoid robots as models. Watch TheCreatorsProject‘s exclusive video on her here.


Answer to Question ‘Are You a Robot?’


Original Art: Daredevil #232 by David Mazzucchelli, 1986

[PHOTO] Yvonne Craig as Batgirl, 1966


Marvel Unleashing New Wolverine, Spider-Man and ‘Controversial’ Hulk This Fall


Marvel Comics is starting with a clean slate this fall, and fans should get ready for some huge changes — and controversy.

The company said Thursday that after its Secret Wars event ends it will launch an “all new, all different” Marvel universe which, according to Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, will include no. 1 issues for about 60 titles.

[Read the full text here, at Speakeasy – WSJ]

“I think they’re going to offer diverse and exciting and, above all, accessible entry points into the Marvel universe,” Alonso told Speakeasy. “There will be a lot of flavors.”


Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso

“In the fall, the Marvel universe will see the arrival of an all-new Hulk, a Hulk you’ve never seen before that’s sure to be exciting and controversial. It’s going to be water-cooler talk. There will be a new Spider-Man in town, and — spoiler alert — there will be an all-new Wolverine. So let the speculation begin.”

The editor said Marvel is moving toward a more seasonal approach to its comics, much like cable TV shows, which will make them more accessible to a wider range of readers. There will also be big changes for some of Marvel’s most iconic characters.

Axel Alonso2

“It’s important to point out that these were rooted in story. It was more that there was either a character or opportunity that came up in conversation that we examined and bore fruit.”

“In the fall, the Marvel universe will see the arrival of an all-new Hulk, a Hulk you’ve never seen before that’s sure to be exciting and controversial. It’s going to be water-cooler talk,” Alonso said.

“The world as it is now is not the world of the 1960s. It’s a world where the new Peter Parker can be a 16-year-old Pakistani girl from Jersey City, where an African American can dress in the red, white and blue and ponder what that means.”

— Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso

“There will be a new Spider-Man in town, and — spoiler alert — there will be an all-new Wolverine. So let the speculation begin.” Read the rest of this entry »

Ernie Bushmiller: Nancy & Sluggo


Atomic Comics #4, July 1, 1946


Cover Art by Matt Baker, the first (known) African American Comic Book Artist.

Draw A Monster!


‘Bizarre Life: The Art of Elmer Batters and Eric Stanton’: Benedikt Taschen Puts Racy Artwork on Sale at New Gallery


Chris Gardner writes: The new Taschen Gallery on Beverly Boulevard currently features nudity and fetishism in photos and comics from two late underground artists.CCa4wZzWMAAcV2W

“Over the years, we got requests all the time to buy their works. We wanted to do a great show first, because that’s what I owe these true artists and pioneers. Their life stories, by the way, are 100 percent Hollywood drama — a mix of Goodfellas, Boogie Nights, Ed Wood and, of course, Pulp Fiction.”

Bizarre Life: The Art of Elmer Batters and Eric Stanton,” the gallery’s second show since opening in December, is on view with more than 200 works, some for sale from the private collection of head honcho Benedikt Taschen, who tells THR that he’s parting with the racy pieces out of respect….(read more)

Hollywood Reporterpr_batters-elmer_batters

Press Release

Embrace Your Fantasies: Bizarre Life – The Art of Elmer Batters & Eric Stanton

If not for the moral chaos of World War II, Eric Stanton and Elmer Batters might have sublimated their indecent obsessions and spent lives illustrating catalogs, or photographing weddings. But after the clarifying effect of near death, each embraced his difference, and returned home to hack a heroic creative path through contemptuous and villainous publishers, multiple arrests, loss of family, and occasionally, freedom, to be who he had to be.


TASCHEN Gallery announces the opening of Bizarre Life – The Art of Elmer Batters & Eric Stanton, a controversial and essential exhibit that traces the artistic struggle of these two pioneers of fetish art, from the gritty post-war streets of Times Square to their position today as cultural icons.

Eric Stanton known as The Rembrandt of Pulp Culture, was an inspiration for artists such as Richard Lindner, Allen Jones and Helmut Newton. He created thrilling panel pr_stanton_stanton_facesitting_23_1503241617_id_922446stories and colorful pulp fiction covers of voluptuous, demanding women overpowering uppity males. Today, his work is defined as female empowerment, and as caricature of female-dominance fantasy – a dichotomy that delights contemporary culture, but initially forced him into abusive underworld partnerships in a pre-feminist society averse to female strength. “A woman has to be strong. The bigger the better,” was his motto.
Elmer Batters was dubbed the Dean of Leg Art for his unique approach to photographing women’s legs and feet, but while his work brought solace to legions of foot fetishists, the courts called it dangerously perverse and hounded him his whole life. “I felt that people almost saw me as un-American for not mooning over large mammaries,” he said. Read the rest of this entry »

Original Asterix Artwork Raises $150,000 for Charlie Hebdo Victims


Christie’s auction house also waived its commission

The original artwork for an Asterix cartoon from the 70s was auctioned for more than $150,000 on Sunday, with proceeds going to victims of January’s attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The cartoon panels from the iconic comic-book series bore a special dedication from co-creator Albert Uderzo, the BBC reported.

Uderzo, 87, briefly came out of retirement earlier this year to draw two tributes to the 12 victims of the attack on Charlie Hebdo’s offices in Paris, where two gunmen opened fire on Jan. 7 over the magazine’s publication of cartoons lampooning the Prophet Mohammed. Read the rest of this entry »

L. B. Cole: Suspense Comics #10, Winter 1945


Classic cover by L. B. Cole from Suspense Comics #10, published by Continental Magazines, Winter 1945.

‘The Gentleman’s Guide’ from Kingsman

The Secret Service KSS_JB_D01_00109.tif

According to “The Gentleman’s Guide” on the film’s official website, “The Rules” of a Kingsman Gentleman are as follows:

  1.  A gentleman never tells about conquests, private matters, or dealings. His business is nobody else’s.
  2. A gentleman doesn’t clash in public with enemies or exes, or worse, with out-of-fashion contrasts, colors or styles.
  3.  A gentleman is always happy to serve, whether it’s opening the door, picking up the bill, or merely calling a cab the next morning. Ask him for help and he cannot refuse.
  4.  A gentleman never reacts to rudeness. He pretends he doesn’t recognize it and moves on like it never happened, because it never should have.
  5.  A gentleman is always on target with witty remarks, interesting facts, and conversation starters that bring the best out of everyone.
  6.  A gentleman asks non-invasive questions to keep a conversation going and attention focused on others. He makes them feel like the most interesting person he’s ever met, whether that’s true or not.

via Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) – Trivia – IMDb

John Romita: ‘The Incredible Hulk on Drums’


Time to Get Reading Glasses? Fritz Ritz


Beautiful vintage comic book cover, 1940s. Clearly an excuse for cartoonist Ernie Bushmiller to enjoy drawing Fritzi Ritz‘s shapely legs.

Vintage Comic Panel: ‘BANG’


Trigger Warning: Historic Superhero Spoiler


Art by Joe Shuster
Words by Jerry Siegel

Next: Santa Claus, Fact or Fiction?


Superhero Fitness Advice


SUPERMAN #6 (Sept. 1940)
Super Strength
Art by Jack Burnley
Words by Jerry Siegel


Patsy Explains What’s Wrong



‘Wonder Woman vs. Robot Woman’


Vintage Pulp Cover Illustration: ‘Sweet Man’


John Henry was born to trouble — Women Trouble!


Pulp Covers

Action Comics #1: First Superman Comic Book Sells for $3.2 Million


A pristine edition of “Action Comics No. 1,” which first introduced Superman, has sold for $3.2 million in an auction conducted on eBay.

[FLASHBACK: First Superman Comic Book Expected to Fetch Millions When it Goes Up for Auction on eBay –]

Bidding ended Sunday evening, with 48 bids received.

A copy of “Action Comics No. 1″ was put up for auction on eBay on Aug. 14, with parts of the final price going to the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. Bidding began at $1 million…(read more) Variety

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‘Girls In White’: Nurse Romance Stories: Harvey Comics Hits # 58 ‘Right Now I Hate All Human Happiness’


The full title of this 1952 comic is Private Lives and Loves of Girls in White, in the Harvey Comics Hits series. An entire issue dedicated to “nurses confessions torn from the pages of real life”. The first story in the book, “Shameless”, chronicles the successful attempt of a rebellious nurse to capture the heart of the lonesome but dashing young doctor shes sent to the Florida…(read more)

Out Of This World

First Superman Comic Book Expected to Fetch Millions When it Goes Up for Auction on eBay

A purportedly pristine copy of the first Superman comic book could fetch millions of dollars when it goes up, up and away in an auction at online marketplace eBay.

action_comicsA copy of Action Comics #1 in which the Kryptonian superhero made his debut in 1938 will be offered in an eBay auction that opens on August 14 and run for ten days.

“The book looks and feels like it just came off the newsstand.”

— CGC primary grader Paul Litch

“This is an extraordinary opportunity to acquire the most valuable comic book in existence and we look forward to sharing a piece of pop culture history with the global eBay community of 149 million buyers,” Gene Cook of eBay marketplaces said in a release.

The issue being put on the Internet auction block by collectibles dealer Darren Adams was touted as the “Holy Grail” of comic books and one of as few as 50 unrestored copies in existence. Read the rest of this entry »