‘World Without Men’: Ace D-274 Paperback Original, 1958, Cover Art by Ed Emsh

Ace D-274 Paperback Original (1958).  Cover Art by Ed Emsh

Ace Double D-465: The Martian Missile by David Grinnell, 1960, Cover art attributed to Ed Valigursky

The Martian Missile

Source: Sci-fi Covers

Detective Fiction: January 1951 issue 


Source: Seattle Mystery Books

REWIND: New Yorker, Feb 1, 2010


House of Mystery: ‘The Girl in the Glass Sphere’, Art by Jack Kirby


(via Pencil Ink: a blog featuring golden, silver and bronze age comic book art and artists: House of Mystery #72 – Jack Kirby art)

Detective World, November 1951 Issue 


Seattle Mystery Bookshop

The Case of the Winking Buddha, 1950


Pulp Fiction: ‘The Avenger’, September 1939 Issue, Cover Art by H.W. Scott


September 1939 issue

Cover art by H.W. Scott

Seattle Mystery Bookshop

‘Confessions Of A Chinatown Moll’


Confessions Of A Chinatown Moll 


‘Tagebuch eines Mörders’, John D. Carr


Master Detective: ‘Undercover Man’


Amazing Stories: ‘Beyond The Rings Of Saturn’


Beyond The Rings Of Saturn  – 


[BOOKS] Blue on Blue: Cover of Doug Henwood’s Forthcoming Hillary Clinton Book 


Erica K. Landau reports: It’s not just Republicans who get riled by the thought of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton ascending to the presidency. Some people on the left lock horns over Clinton often enough to suggest that Team Hillary still has a long way to go before she has shored up the traditional base of progressive voters.

The forthcoming book, “My Turn,” by Nation Magazine Contributing Editor Doug Henwood, critiques the former secretary of state’s decades-long political career, calling out her foreign policy positions and purported connections to big-money interests, among other contentious points. Read the rest of this entry »

TIME Cover: ‘Help! My Parents Are Millennials



Pulp Fiction: ‘Blonde Baggage’


Blonde Baggage (Original Title: Fallen Angel)

Source: Pulp Covers

Robert Crumb for The East Village Other, 1970

Cold-War Blonde


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New Yorker Cover for Aug 3, 2015


“It sure would be nice to get over a Manhattan traffic jam with one big leap on a skateboard,” Mark Ulriksen says about his cover for this week’s issue.

Pulp Fiction: ‘Dagger of the Mind’

Howell Dodd: True Fact Crime, 1953

Trufactcrimetruefact2True Fact Crime, June 1953; cover art by Howell Dodd.


James Brown: ‘I Can’t Stand Myself When You Touch Me’


Pulp Fiction: ‘The Book of the Dead’


October 1948 paperback reissue

cover art by Ed Grant

Seattle Mystery Bookshop

Vintage Book Cover: ‘The Jetsons


Paul Abrams: ‘Moon Over Miami’


Moon over Miami by Paul Abrams


Pulp Fiction Cover: ‘Dark Threat’


1946 Lippencott hardcover

1951 Popular Library paperback reissue with new title

cover art by Rudolph Belarski

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Valery Barykin: Bus Ride


Valery Barykin



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Vintage Suspense Paperback: ‘I Like It Cool’


From killercoversoftheweek.com:

In I Like It Cool, Johnny Amsterdam sets out to help Sandra Tyson, the sexy, club-singing younger sister of a deceased army buddy, who wants him to track down Helen Tate, a Hollywood fashion model who was on her way to visit Sandra, but never turned up. “She was supposed to contact me as soon as she arrived [in New York], two days ago,” Sandra tells Amsterdam. “I’m afraid something’s happened to her. I’ve got to find her. Right away.” Naturally, the case is nowhere near as easy or straightforward as it sounds. There are homicides and deceptions and one embittered or lost soul after the next with whom Amsterdam and Gross must contend. Lawrence wasn’t Raymond Chandler, but he claimed enough of a cynical tone for a detective yarn of his era:

We walked uptown together, along Fifth Avenue where the summertime crop of rustic sightseers gaped and gawked at the elegant shop windows. You could pick them out easily. They were wide-eyed with wonder, their necks craned to see the sights, their inevitable cameras hung from their shoulders. To the discerning eye, the rubes stood out like cactus growing on Fifth Avenue…(read more)

BREAKING: Cause of Insanity Revealed