Rogue Police Home Invasion: Marijuana Grower Shot SWAT Cops Who Kicked Down His Door, Jury Says They Don’t Blame Him


(CCN) Recently, there has been some talk about places that allow you to shoot officers if they are in the wrong when they enter your home. Our friends at The Free Thought Project write the following about the steps that one state has taken in this direction:

Indiana has taken action to “recognize the unique character of a citizen’s home and to ensure that a citizen feels secure in his or her own home against unlawful intrusion by another individual or a public servant.”

While Indiana may appear to be the only state to so publicly announce legislation that permits self-defense against rogue police home invasions, there are other courts which have ruled in favor of recognizing this right.

One of the most striking examples is that of a Texas man who says he was the victim of a home invasion in the middle of the night. But that home invasion was carried out by SWAT officers.

In the pre-dawn raid, that occurred on December 19th, 2013, Henry Goedrich Magee, like many residents of Burleson County, Texas, had a gun in the house. When Magee heard his door being broken down, he reached for his gun.

swat raid

The police wanted to throw the proverbial book at him, but after hearing the evidence, a grand jury determined that Magee should not be charged in the shooting death of one of those officers.

The ruling was clear that Magee would not be charged with capital murder for the death of Burleson County Sgt. Adam Sowders, who was part of a SWAT team which attempted to raid Magee’s rural home, in the execution of a search warrant.

The officers did in fact have a warrant, but a key factor in the grand jury’s decision was that they did not knock before entering.

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Missing: A Week After Trip to Rehab, Disappears After His Plane Lands in U.S. 

Mayor-Rob-Ford-Goes-Missing-Twitter-Goes-Crazy Toronto’s drug-addled mayor has apparently gone missing on his way to rehab, but those close to him insist it’s not because he fell off the wagon.

Rob Ford planned to leave the Canadian city for Chicago last week — after another video surfaced that appeared to show him smoking crack — but he disappeared once the plane landed in the United States.

The mayor announced he was going to rehab after another video surfaced that showed him apparently smoking crack-cocaine. Credit: THE GLOBE AND MAIL

The mayor announced he was going to rehab after another video surfaced that showed him smoking crack.                   Credit: THE GLOBE AND MAIL

“He voluntarily withdrew his application to enter the USA,” Roy Norton, the Consul General of Canada in Chicago, told The Globe and Mail in an email. Norton said the liquor-loving mayor “was not denied entry, per se.” Ford’s whereabouts have been unknown since, but his brother, Doug, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the liquor-loving mayor was in rehab…(read more)

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And from

Toronto, Ontario Mayor Rob Ford has seemingly vanished after a trip to the United States last week supposedly intended to check the embattled city leader into a rehab center was aborted at a Chicago, Illinois airport. Read the rest of this entry »

BREAKING: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Takes Leave Of Absence As New Crack Video Emerges


A second video obtained by The Globe and Mail shows Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking what’s described as crack-cocaine by a self-professed drug dealer in his sister’s basement early Saturday morning.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will take a leave of absence to seek help for substance abuse, his lawyer said Wednesday.

The mayor’s decision came shortly after The Globe and Mail reportedly viewed a new video of Ford smoking what’s described as crack-cocaine, and the Toronto Sunobtained a new audio recording of Ford swearing in a bar.

“I have a problem with alcohol and the choices I have made while under the influence,” Ford said in a statement late Wednesday night.
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Good News: Crack-smoking Mayor Seeking Reelection


Caroline May  reports:  Buckle up, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has registered to run for another term.

Ford — who faced hot pressure to resign in 2013 due to his drug use and bizarre behavior — was the first person to register Thursday morning, according to CBC/Radio-Canada.

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