[VIDEO] REWIND: Obama Supported Southern Border Fence in 2006 



[VIDEO] State Department Claims Released Gitmo Detainees Unlikely to Pose Further Threat to U.S. 


‘Unforgivable Error’: Washington State Head of State Prisons Apologizes for Early Release of Potentially Violent Criminals 


DOC Secretary Dan Pacholke apologized for the error, and said those released early likely include violent criminals.

OLYMPIA – Brandi Kruse reports: The head of Washington’s prison system offered no excuses Wednesday for an error that allowed thousands of inmates to be released early over a 13-year period.

“It’s an unforgivable error. I certainly appreciate their feelings and understanding that, I would certainly offer an apology…We’re going to fix it, and it will never happen again.”

The state claims a computer glitch is to blame for 3,200 offenders serving shortened sentences between 2002 and 2015….(read more)

Source: Q13 FOX News

Peckerwood Cavalcade: Texas Biker Mugshots


Mugshots: Texas biker shootout 172 photos

A fight broke out among rival biker gangs in Waco, Texas, on Sunday, May 17, leaving at least nine people dead. At least 170 people were arrested, and they all face charges of engaging in organized crime. McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara said that bond was being set at $1 million for each of them….

[Bonus – One Group That Definitely Doesn’t Benefit from White Privilege: Biker Gangs]

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