Master Death List: Journalists Killed in Russia


56 Journalists Killed in Russia/Motive Confirmed

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Akhmednabi Akhmednabiyev, Novoye Delo

July 9, 2013, in Semender, Russia

Mikhail Beketov, Khimkinskaya Pravda

April 8, 2013, in Khimki, Russia

Kazbek Gekkiyev, VGTRK

December 5, 2012, in Nalchik, Russia


Gadzhimurad Kamalov, Chernovik

December 15, 2011, in Makhachkala, Russia

Abdulmalik Akhmedilov, Hakikat and Sogratl

August 11, 2009, in Makhachkala , Russia

Natalya Estemirova, Novaya Gazeta, Kavkazsky Uzel

July 15, 2009, in between Grozny and Gazi-Yurt , Russia

Anastasiya Baburova, Novaya Gazeta 

January 19, 2009, in Moscow , Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Reuters)

Telman (Abdulla) Alishayev, TV-Chirkei 

September 2, 2008, in Makhachkala, Russia

Magomed Yevloyev, Ingushetiya

August 31, 2008, in Nazran, Russia

Ivan Safronov, Kommersant

March 2, 2007, in Moscow, Russia

Maksim Maksimov, Gorod

November 30, 2006, in St. Petersburg, Russia

Anna Politkovskaya, Novaya Gazeta

October 7, 2006, in Moscow, Russia

Vagif Kochetkov, Trud and Tulsky Molodoi Kommunar

January 8, 2006, in Tula, Russia

Magomedzagid Varisov, Novoye Delo

June 28, 2005, in Makhachkala, Russia

Pavel Makeev, Puls

May 21, 2005, in Azov, Russia

Paul Klebnikov, Forbes Russia

July 9, 2004, in Moscow, Russia

Adlan Khasanov, Reuters

May 9, 2004, in Grozny, Russia

Aleksei Sidorov, Tolyatinskoye Obozreniye

October 9, 2003, in Togliatti, Russia

Yuri Shchekochikhin, Novaya Gazeta

July 3, 2003, in Moscow, Russia

Roddy Scott, Frontline

September 26, 2002, in Galashki Region, Ingushetia, Russia

Valery Ivanov, Tolyatinskoye Obozreniye

April 29, 2002, in Togliatti, Russia

Natalya Skryl, Nashe Vremya

March 9, 2002, in Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Eduard Markevich, Novy Reft

September 18, 2001, in Reftinsky, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia

Igor Domnikov, Novaya Gazeta

July 16, 2000, in Moscow, Russia

Aleksandr Yefremov, Nashe Vremya

May 12, 2000, in Chechnya, Russia

Vladimir Yatsina, ITAR-TASS

February 20, 2000, in Chechnya, Russia

Shamil Gigayev, Nokh Cho TV

October 29, 1999, in Shaami Yurt, Russia

Ramzan Mezhidov, TV Tsentr

October 29, 1999, in Shaami Yurt, Russia

Supian Ependiyev, Groznensky Rabochy

October 27, 1999, in Grozny, Russia

Anatoly Levin-Utkin, Yurichichesky Peterburg Segodnya

August 24, 1998, in St. Petersburg, Russia

Larisa Yudina, Sovietskaya Kalmykia Segodnya

June 8, 1998, in Elista, Russia


Ramzan Khadzhiev, Russian Public TV (ORT)

August 11, 1996, in Grozny, Russia

Viktor Mikhailov, Zabaikalsky Rabochy

May 12, 1996, in Chita, Russia

Nina Yefimova, Vozrozhdeniye

May 9, 1996, in Grozny, Russia

Nadezhda Chaikova, Obshchaya Gazeta

March 30, 1996, in Gehki, Russia

Viktor Pimenov, Vaynakh Television

March 11, 1996, in Grozny, Russia

Felix Solovyov, freelance

February 26, 1996, in Moscow, Russia

Vadim Alferyev, Segodnyashnyaya Gazeta

December 27, 1995, in Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Shamkhan Kagirov, Rossiskaya Gazeta and Vozrozheniye

December 13, 1995, in near Grozny, Russia

Natalya Alyakina, Focus and RUFA

June 17, 1995, in Budyonnovsk, Russia

Farkhad Kerimov, Associated Press TV

May 29, 1995, in Chechnya, Russia

Vladislav Listyev, Russian Public Television (OTR)

March 1, 1995, in Moscow, Russia

Viatcheslav Rudnev, Freelancer

February 17, 1995, in Kaluga, Russia

Jochen Piest, Stern

January, 10, 1995, in Chervlyonna, Russia

Vladimir Zhitarenko, Krasnaya Zvezda

January 1, 1995, in Grozny, Russia

Cynthia Elbaum, Freelancer

December 22, 1994, in Grozny, Russia

Dmitry Kholodov, Mosckovski Komsomolets

October 17, 1994, in Moscow, Russia

Yuri Soltis, Interfax

June 12, 1994, in Moscow, Russia

Aleksandr Smirnov, Molodyozhny Kuryer

October 4, 1993, in Moscow, Russia

Aleksandr Sidelnikov, Lennauchfilm Studio

October 4, 1993, in Moscow, Russia

Sergei Krasilnikov, Ostankino Television Company

October 3, 1993, in Moscow, Russia

Yvan Scopan, TF-1 Television Company

October 3, 1993, in Moscow, Russia

Vladimir Drobyshev, Nature and Man

October 3, 1993, in Moscow, Russia

Igor Belozyorov, Ostankino State Broadcasting Company

October 3, 1993, in Moscow, Russia

Rory Peck, ARD Television Company

October 3, 1993, in Moscow, Russia

Dmitry Krikoryants, Expresskhronika

April 14, 1993, in Grozny, Russia Read the rest of this entry »

Russian Suicide Bus Bombing Sparks Terror Fears at Sochi Olympics

Members of Russia's emergency services work near a damaged bus after a bomb blast in Volgograd, October 21, 2013. - Russian Emergencies Ministry / Reuters

Members of Russia’s emergency services work near a damaged bus after a bomb blast in Volgograd, October 21, 2013. – Russian Emergencies Ministry / Reuters

Simon Shuster reports:  Naida Asiyalova, the suicide bomber who blew herself up on Monday on a crowded bus in the Russian city of Volgograd, killing six people and wounding dozens more, was born in the town of Buynaksk, a huddle of mosques and squat apartment blocks in the foothills of the Russian Caucasus. For at least a year, the town has been under a so-called KTO regime, the Russian acronym for counter-terrorism operation, which allows security forces to conduct random searches, impose curfews and detain any foreigners who do not carry a special visitor’s permit, as happened to me this spring. At the checkpoint leading into town, the troops who stopped me could not say exactly how long the counter-terrorism operation had been going on. “A long time,” one of them said with a sigh. “Probably a couple of years. You should have known about it.” And when would it be over? “Not soon. Not with the Olympics coming up.” Read the rest of this entry »