Paris Police: Soldier Opens Fire Outside the Louvre Museum

French soldiers enforcing the Vigipirate plan, France's national security alert system, patrol in front of the Louvre museum on November 16, 2015 in Paris, three days after a series of deadly oordinated attacks claimed by Islamic State jihadists, which killed at least 129 people and left more than 350 injured on November 13. AFP PHOTO/DOMINIQUE FAGET / AFP PHOTO / DOMINIQUE FAGET

French media reported on Friday that a soldier has opened fire on a man armed with a knife at a shopping centre next to the famous Louvre museum in Paris.

Reports say the soldier opened fire on the knifeman after he attacked him at the Louvre Carrousel shopping centre on Friday morning.

According to reports the attacker was shot in the leg. A security cordon has been set up and the underground Louvre Carrousel shopping centre has been evacuated.

Reports on Twitter said tourists at the museum were being moved into rooms to keep them safe. The Louvre itself has declined to comment on the situation.

Images on Twitter also appeared to show worried visitors outside the world famous museum.

“Something is going down at The  30 National Police vehicles with guns drawn,” said one tweeter.

An alarm can be heard in the background. A worried passerby can be heard saying: “I wonder if it’s a training exercise”.

France’s interior ministry confirmed on Twitter that a serious security operation was underway in the area around the Louvre.

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Oh, Bloody Hell: Evidence Mounts Against Piers Morgan in Phone Hacking Investigation

Photo: AP

Photo: AP

Alex Wickham reports:  On Friday it was revealed that the CNN host and former editor of the Daily Mirror newspaper, Piers Morgan, had been interviewed under caution by police investigating phone hacking. Officers from Operation Golding will have wanted to talk to Morgan about his now infamous claim that “I have never hacked a phone, told anyone to hack a phone, or published any stories based on the hacking of a phone.”

That categorical denial looks increasingly implausible when you look a the volume of evidence against him. Before the phone hacking scandal blew up in 2011, Morgan had – somewhat foolishly on his part – repeatedly explained in detail how voicemail intercepts were commonplace among London newspapers.

Regarding a story about Paul McCartney and Heather Mills the Mirror ran while he was editor, Morgan admitted, “At one stage I was played a tape of a message Paul had left for Heather on her mobile phone.” When asked under oath during the Leveson Inquiry into press ethics how his paper had obtained the message, he refused to answer.

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Lovelorn Chinese bachelor cuts off penis, bikes to hospital

note: this is a stock image of a knife from Getty Images. No actual penis was harmed in the preparation of the illustration for this important news item.

Disclaimer: This is a stock image. No actual penis was harmed by this knife for this news item! / Getty Images

A Chinese man is without his penis today after he cut it off, in a fit of depression over the lack of romance in his life.

Once the man, Yang Hu, severed his junk, he apparently experienced second thoughts and also quite a bit of pain, reports the Daily Mail. So, he decided to ride his bicycle to a local hospital.

One thing Yang, 26, failed to bring with him to the hospital was his penis. Consequently, says the Daily Mirror, doctors sent him away — on his bike — to retrieve it.

Somehow, the man was actually able to return for his penis. However, when he finally got back to the hospital, penis in hand, there was more bad news. Doctors told him that he had lost so much blood that reattachment was no longer surgically possible.

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