[VIDEO] John Wayne Doing the Jitterbug

The Queen’s Christmas Message

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[VIDEO] MASHUP: Old Movie Dance Scenes Mash-up to ‘Uptown Funk’


[PHOTO] Dancing With Robot, London, 1937


Two nude women dance on stage with a ‘robot’ in a show at London Casino, 1937 (General Photographic Agency, Getty)


[VIDEO] Pikachu Invasion!

If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that there will always be more awesomely weird and wonderful things to learn about Japan. Today we learned about the annual Pikachu invasion/festival that takes place in Yokohama. For one week in August countless giant Pikachu swarm that Minato Mirai district.

They parade through the streets in perfectly synchronized formation, always smiling and never blinking, a cute yet frightening spectacle as only Japan could create:

If there weren’t so many images of this kawaii spectacle all over the Internets, we’d think we were dreaming. Head over to RocketNews24 for even more photos and videos of packs of people in Pikachu costumes plotting world domination parading and dancing around Yokohama this year and last year.

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踊る?ピカチュウ大行進(みなとみらい, 2015

[VIDEO] Modern Take on Japanese Fan Dance Has Naked Men, International Appeal

Ah, the Japanese fan dance. In popular culture, its staid connections to Noh and Kabuki theater are put aside in favor of something more risque. Usually it’s a coy geisha slowly using her fans to seductively cover and reveal her face and body. But just as more business are capitalizing on male sex appeal these days, the modern Japanese fan dance has a hot, sweaty man version too.

This may have started with the Japanese musician and provocateur DJ Ozma, who famously earned a lifetime ban from national broadcaster NHK after his first appearance featured dancers in skin-colored leotards painted to look like naked bodies. His 2008 song DRINKIN’BOYS featured a group of naked male dancers using strategically placed fans….(read more)


[PHOTO] かわいい!Lindo! Kawaii! Tokyo Disney Sea Día de los Muertos Skeleton Parade


Some truly colorful (and very kawaii!) festive images at Tokyoblings Blog, see them here:

It is Halloween which just possibly could be the highest point of the season at the newer one of Tokyo’s two different Disney parks, Tokyo Disney Sea. The whole park is decorated in a sort of hyper colorful Mexican Day of the Dead theme with fantastic looking skeletons entertaining the visitors throughout the park…(more)

Tokyoblings Blog

Dancing Naked Man, High on Embalming Fluid, Draws Crowd in Houston


“Everybody is videoing it, but nobody stops to make sure he was okay.”

— Carla Meyers, cousin

For KHOU in HoustonDrew Karedes reports:  

It was a bizarre and disturbing spectacle that drew a crowd of up to 30 people at a busy intersection in northwest Houston. Spectators pulled out their cell phones and began recording when they saw a naked man dancing in the median.

“He was doing the Beyonce, the surf board, twerking, the Nae Nae. Every dance that’s out there right now, he was doing. I didn’t know what was next.”

— Chad Arceneaux, witness

The man was spotted at the intersection of West Gulf Bank Road and Antoine Drive around 12:30 p.m. Neighbors said he’s been known to attract attention at a nearby complex, but they never expected this.

“…he’s been using embalming fluid to get high.”

— Carla Meyers

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Who Should Pay for the Arts?



Private support beats public subsidies

Jared Meyer writes:   Should the federal government subsidize the arts? Dancer Nora Younkin thinks so. In the Huffington Post recently, she argued that the societal benefits of arts such as dance are not only cultural and educational, but economic as well. “It is well documented that dance and the arts generate revenue for local economies,” she wrote. “The performing arts also create jobs. And I don’t mean just the jobs of dancemakers and performers. The technical crew, the artistic collaborators, the venues, the technical equipment rentals or purchases, the restaurant down the street from the venue, even the taxi driver that got you to a performance. Those are all real jobs from which people take home a paycheck and go on to spend buying groceries or clothes.” But assuming that all federal funding reaches struggling artists—and that art subsidies indeed “trickle down” to a local economy—is a mistake.


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[VIDEO] Pre-Flight Safety Videos: Not Fun Enough, Virgin Atlantic says. The Cure? Dance!

As more brands get into the entertainment business by producing their own films, TV shows and web series, Virgin America is showing that even the mundane safety video some airlines show on their planes can be fun to watch.


[VIDEO] To Interrupt a Street with Dancing

I love browsing the tag “Hong Kong” in my WordPress Dashboard in the middle of the night, when the western world is asleep, I never know what I’m going to discover. Travel writingnoodlesnew life, history, seafoodurban photography, more noodles, romance, really strange noodlesadventure… and now poetry, whimsy, dance.

Here’s a charming bit of fun from Write a tree. Make sure you don’t miss the ‘it gets crazy’ part at around 1.01, the music is infectious.

Liquidman lets you dance like a maniac on a busy street from the comfort of your own living room

RocketNews24 reports: Have you ever wanted to start dancing like a madman in the middle of a crowded urban street, but felt restrained by the conventions of society? Our reporter Mr. Sato sure has. So when he learnt about the Halls throat lozenges’ YOUareLIQUIDMAN campaign, he got right on it.

YOUareLIQUIDMAN encourages sheepish individuals to upload a photo of themselves to the Halls website. Their photo is then displayed on liquid man who proceeds to dance like Michael Stipe in front of total strangers.

In case the idea of uploading a photo to project onto the face a man in a tight-fitting outfit with a glass cube for a head is a little difficult to comprehend (and you’d be quite forgiven for being confused there), here’s Halls’ official intro video.

More! via RocketNews24.

PHOTOS: Asakusa Samba Carnival


Festival of Summer The largest samba carnival in Japan is a perfect finale to summer in Asakusa. The event attracts authentic samba dance teams from across Japan. The highlight of the carnival is the colorful, gorgeous costumes—along with the beautiful dancers who wear them.

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