OH YES THEY DID: New York Post Begins Mayor de Blasio Countdown Clock


de Blasio Countdown Clock

[VIDEO] ‘I Can Breathe’ Pro-NYPD Demonstrators Rally, Clash with Anti-NYPD Protesters

About 100 pro-NYPD demonstrators rallied outside New York’s City Hall tonight, some wearing shirts reading “I Can Breathe” in response to similar Comic Sans-fonted t-shirts bearing the dying words of Eric Garner, “I Can’t Breathe.”


New York Post Cover ‘Dante’s Inferno: Police Fury at Mayor’s Racial Smear’ Dec 5, 2014


New York Post Cover: ‘De Blasio and Sharpton in Cop Confab with Bam’ December 2, 2014


New York Post front page for Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New York Post: ‘Joint Chiefs’ Nov 11, 2014


Education: Some Fail, Others Plan Failure


DENIAL: NY POST Sunday, Oct. 12, 2014: ‘Mayor Defiantly Ignores a City Gone Rotten’


New York Post front page for Sunday, October 12, 2014

[VIDEO] Lowry: Obama, de Blasio ‘Can Only Do Damage Trying’ to Address Economic Inequality

Make sure to check out Rich’s latest piece on this subject, “The Great Equalizers.”

National Review Online

Liberal Nostalgia: Vision for NYC’s Future

De Blasio’s victory wouldn’t be possible without Giuliani’s successes and liberals’ short memories. 

Taxi Driver: Scene where Travis describes his nights, and how he thanks god for the rain.

The Big Apple’s Left Turn

Jonah Goldberg writes: The new mayor of New York City is a Red Sox fan. According to the rules of the New York I grew up in, I’d expect to see the Hudson turn into a river of blood and Zabar’s to close owing to a locust infestation before that happened.

But if de Blasio’s remarkable rise proves anything, it’s that the rules can change. A liberal’s crazy liberal, de Blasio still waxes nostalgic about the noble struggle of the Nicaraguan Sandinistas, for whom he raised money in the 1980s. He violated the ban on travel to Cuba for his honeymoon with his formerly gay wife, and he often talks as if he’s handing out literature in Union Square for the left-wing New Party, for which he used to work.

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