Hong Kong Uprising: An Outsider’s View from the Inside

A spectacular collection of photographs documenting the Hong Kong protests from our Asia Editor-at-Large, Deb Fong…

_DSC7408 _DSC7624 A testament to the protesters' organizational capabilities - exemplified by 'office' set-ups in the heart of the Admiralty protest zone A behind-the-scenes look at the student-led protest speeches - supported by a dedicated A/V team directly behind their platform _DSC7476 _DSC7619
_DSC7622 The press were out in full force covering the aftermath of the stagnant talks


Unless you’ve been stranded on an island without WiFi or television, or hiding under a rock, you just may have heard a bit on the news about what’s been happening in my adoptive hometown of Hong Kong. OK, in fact, the updates had been pervasive across news channels. More so than I would have anticipated. Now that mass media on the topic has died down, but the protests linger on, it’s worth taking a step back and reflecting.

One of the main protest zones in Hong Kong (Admiralty) - during the highly publicized October 21 talks between student protest leaders and government officials One of the main protest zones in Hong Kong (Admiralty) – during the highly publicized October 21 talks between student protest leaders and government officials

The idea of democracy is an oft-lauded ‘ideal’. It’s seductive, particularly to the western world. So perhaps it’s really no surprise at all that the largely student-run, pro-democracy movement in HK resonates with such a broad audience. Don’t think that point is lost on the students. Young…

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NASA Photograph of Distant Planet? Lab Photo of Microorganism? Or Chinese Dessert?



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Pundit Planet’s News Processing Plant


Just kidding. This isn’t really our News division (though it does accurately depict our editorial style) it’s actually a photograph of butchers in a Mong Kok wet market by our Hong Kong Deputy Bureau Chief and Asia Photo Editor-at-Large Deb Fong.

From Wikipedia’s description of Mong Kok:

Mong Kok (also spelled Mongkok), is an area in the Yau Tsim Mong District in Kowloon West,Hong Kong. Mong Kok was part of the Mong Kok District before the district was merged in 1994. The Prince Edward area occupies the northern part of Mong Kok.

The district is characterized by a mixture of old and new multi-story buildings, with shops andrestaurants at street level and commercial or residential units above. Major industries in Mong Kok are retail, restaurants (including fast food) and entertainment.

With its extremely high population density of 130,000/km2 or 340,000 per square mile, Mong Kok was described as the busiest district in the world by the Guinness World Records…(more)

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FOOD in the KONG with FONG


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Coming Attractions: Pundit Planet Welcomes New Hong Kong Photo Editor Deb Fong


Pundit Planet is proud to welcome a new addition to our Hong Kong BureauDeb Fong.

My name is Deb Fong. I am American by birth, Chinese by heritage (my grandparents were born and raised in Guangdong, China, before heading to America), and now a Hong Kong-based expat recently relocated from NYC.

Funny where life takes you – I never expected to actually live here, although I have always treasured trips throughout Asia more than anywhere else in the world….


I plan to immerse myself in everything – the amalgam of cuisine, culture, the incredible natural surroundings, the promise of new friends with their own unique stories.

Hong Kong is also an incredible base for the rest of Asia, and I cannot wait to explore the continent in greater depth than ever before…(read more)

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