How the Democrats Burned $40 Million to Lose 4 Elections and Scam Supporters 

$30 million for 1%.

Daniel Greenfield writes: “It’s a bellwether for what the Democratic Party is going to be about,” Democratic National Committee boss Tom Perez boasted.

That was back in March and the Dems had just begun their frantic spending spree in Georgia’s Sixth. By the time it was over, Jon Ossoff, an awkward immature hipster who didn’t even live in the district, had raised $23.6 million and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had burned through another $5 million. Other groups threw in around $2.6 million to achieve absolutely nothing.

$31 million had been spent and wasted on history’s most expensive congressional election. And the Dem experts congratulated themselves that they had lost by a smaller margin than in the past.

They had spent $30 million more than in their first special election in Kansas to gain a whole 1%.

Just as after their previous special election defeats, the charts and graphs came out comparing their performance to those of previous elections. Never mind that turnout differs dramatically during presidential and special elections. Or that spending $31 million to lose by 6 percent is a disaster.

What the Democrat Party really was going to be about was setting piles of money on fire.

In Montana, a quixotic bid by Rob Quist had garnered $5 million in donations and another $1 million in outside spending. Even after a stunt by a Guardian reporter caused the Republican candidate to lose many of his newspaper endorsements, Quist barely ended up with 44 percent.


The special election frenzy began in Kansas when the left decided that Rep. Mike Pompeo’s open seat might be winnable. After Trump’s victory, angry Dems decided to pour money into the campaign. Democrat James Thompson raised around $832,000, but Republican Ron Estes won by 7 percent.

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SLAMMIFER: Romanian Hacker ‘Guccifer’ Sentenced to 52 Months in U.S. Prison

Lazar is believed to have hacked into email accounts of about 100 victims between 2012 and 2014.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Dustin Volz reports: A Romanian hacker nicknamed “Guccifer” who helped expose the existence of a private email domain Hillary Clinton used when she was U.S. secretary of state was sentenced on Thursday to 52 months in prison by a federal court in Alexandria, Virginia.

Marcel Lazar, 44, who used the alias online, had pleaded guilty in May to charges including unauthorized access to a protected computer and aggravated identity theft after being extradited from Romania.

Lazar’s public defender, Shannon Quill, was not immediately available for comment.

Lazar has said in interviews he breached Clinton’s private server at her home in Chappaqua, New York, but law enforcement and national security officials say that claim is meritless.

Lazar is believed to have hacked into email accounts of about 100 victims between 2012 and 2014. Read the rest of this entry »

That Day I Became a Democratic Stooge


The Democratic sit-in included one of the most embarrassing moments of my career.

WASHINGTON –  Paul Singer writes: The House Democrats’ anti-gun sit-in last week included one of the more embarrassing moments of my journalism career.

The Democrats had grabbed the House floor for what amounted to an impromptu 25-hour filibuster to protest the unwillingness of Republican leadership to call a vote on gun control legislation.

“The Democrats were pumping up their energy. They congratulated each other and cheered. The partisans who had packed the public visitors’ gallery cheered with them — a no-no when the House is in session.”

This was a new and unusual tactic, and nobody had any idea how it was going to end. The House doesn’t have a filibuster, so it also doesn’t have a way to end one. That makes it newsworthy.


As the protest dragged on through the day Wednesday, the rows of stools in the press gallery — up above the House floor — usually nearly empty during House business, had become full. This had become a full-blown Event, and more than two dozen reporters sat in the gallery documenting it.

“The lawmakers then turned to the galleries and thanked the visitors for their support, and everybody cheered some more.”

At around 9 p.m., as they were girding for House Republicans to return and attempt to re-establish control of the floor, the Democrats were pumping up their energy. They congratulated each other and cheered.

“And then, my moment of shame. Someone on the floor called out thanks to the press, saying our reporting had spread the word and fueled their protest.”

The partisans who had packed the public visitors’ gallery cheered with them — a no-no when the House is in session. Visitors are supposed to sit quietly, but by this hour many of the rules of the House floor had long since been thrown out the window.

RETROSPEKTIVE JERRY LEWIS The Stooge (dt: Der Pr¸gelknabe), Norman Taurog, USA, 1952 *** Local Caption *** The Stooge, , Norman Taurog, USA, 1952, V'13, Retrospektive

“But to be fair, when Republicans voted more than 50 times to repeal Obamacare, that was a “stunt,” too. And of course, they were sending fundraising appeals every time.”

The lawmakers then turned to the galleries and thanked the visitors for their support, and everybody cheered some more. That was another no-no — lawmakers are prohibited from acknowledging the galleries from the floor.

“Congress is legislating less and less, and much of what it does nowadays is a stunt.”

And then, my moment of shame. Someone on the floor called out thanks to the press, saying our reporting had spread the word and fueled their protest. The 100-or-so Members of Congress on the floor and the several hundred partisans in the gallery cheered for us.

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Overripe Democrats in Need of New Blood


Pelosi and Reid, both 74, Will Stay in Power in Congress; 2016 Frontrunner Hillary Clinton Is 67

Gerald_F_Seib_78x78Gerald F. Seib reports: Among the many questions Democrats might ask as they ponder their course after last week’s electoral drubbing, here’s one that gets relatively little attention: Where are the party’s fresh young leaders?

Even after a stunning defeat, the Democrats’ hierarchy in Congress figures to be unchanged when leaders are picked for the new year. In the House, Democrats will continue to be led by Nancy Pelosi , 74, who has been atop the Democratic caucus since 2002. The No. 2 House 513xW5Ds0WL._SL250_Democrat still will be Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland, age 75.

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In the Senate, Harry Reid , 74, will remain the party’s top dog, as he has been for a decade; he now merely moves from majority leader to minority leader.

In the White House sits the still relatively young Barack Obama , 53, though, obviously, the clock is running down on his tenure. At his side sits Vice President Joe Biden , who turns 72 this month.


The party’s top vote-getter on Tuesday was Gov. Jerry Brown of California, a 76-year-old political veteran who first won his current job in 1974. The runaway favorite to win the party’s presidential nomination in 2016 is, of course, Hillary Clinton , 67, who has been a fixture on the national scene for more than two decades.


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Indeed, one of the most puzzling questions about the Democrats is this one: If the presidential nomination doesn’t go to either Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Biden, who are the plausible younger alternatives? There isn’t a long list. Perhaps Sen. Elizabeth Warren, 65, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo , 56, or outgoing Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, 51—though the stunning loss on Tuesday by his lieutenant governor, Anthony Brown, once seen as a potential bright new star, has tarnished the O’Malley legacy. Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Debate Audience Laughs at N.Y. Democrat for Invoking ‘War on Women’

At The Corner, via Legal InsurrectionBrendan Bordelon:

In the latest sign that the Democrats’ fear-mongering on “women’s issues” is wearing thin, a debate audience broke into laughter on Thursday after Democratic candidate Martha Robertson accused GOP congressman Tom Reed of being part of the “war on women.”

“Tom Reed, you’re part of the war against women,” Robertson began, prompting an immediate outburst from the audience….(more)

National Review Online


Woman Who Lit Massive Wildfire To Give Firefighter Friends Work Sentenced

Featured Image -- 47527

Alternate Headline: “DNC Announces New Jobs Program”

Race-Baiting Won’t Save Democrats


Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leader in the House, is guilty of encouraging her members to wage an ugly race war

For The Daily BeastRon Christie writes:  Sadly, it has come down to this. When they assumed power in 2009, Democrats promised that a trillion dollar stimulus package would invigorate the economy and create millions of jobs. It did not happen—all while trillions of dollars were added to the national debt which will become due when these current lawmakers are safely in retirement.The president of the United States and congressional Democrats promised that if they passed Obamacare, you could keep your doctor and your health plan while your premiums would decrease by an average of $2500 a year. All of these claims were assessed and identified by the non-partisan Politifact as the biggest lie of 2013.

The leaders of the Democrat Party will stop at nothing to consolidate their perks and power while they tear the social fabric of our country apart.

Time after time and on issue after issue, Democrats have made promise after promise to the people they were elected to serve which have come up empty. With no record of accomplishment to run on in November, congressional Democrats and President Obama will face a day of reckoning that could very well return control of the Congress to Republicans and neuter the remaining two years of Obama’s tenure in the White House.

“To a significant extent, the Republican base does have elements that are animated by racism. And that’s unfortunate.”

— Race-Baiting Representative Steve Israel (D-NY)

Does Israel offer up any facts to fortify his incendiary charge? No. Where then, does he offer any proof to such an inflammatory remark? He doesn’t because he knows he doesn’t have to. Is this how the leader of the body charged with electing Democrats to Congress hopes to win in November—by alleging that the Republican base is animated by racism?

Faced with such an unthinkable reality, the Democrats marked the 50th anniversary of passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 not by hailing the progress we have made as a nation but to resort to the despicable act of accusing their political opponents of racism to preserve their hold on power in Washington, D.C. Late last week in these pages, I discussed how lack of political civility is destroying the ability of the political process to function in our nation’s Capital.

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White House Announces Contest: Memorize all 11,588,500 Pages of Obamacare’s Rules and Regulations and Win Your Freedom

Democrats are trying to distance themselves from the health care law's problems. | AP Photo

Democrats are trying to distance themselves from the health care law’s problems. | AP Photo

Democrats know their biggest problem in this year’s midterm election is Obamacare. So top party operatives have settled on a strategy to try blunting the GOP’s advantage:  A contest.

At a press conference scheduled for next week, President Obama will announce that the White House is offering a prize to any American who can memorize all of the Affordable Care Act’s rules and regulations. The final rounds will be judged, the top 50 contestants selected, one from each state. Those contestants will be brought to Washington D.C. to compete in a televised game show.

“The best way to push back on the attacks we know Republicans will launch over health care is to develop a contest, generate excitement, offer prizes, and announce winners.”

Any contestant who can successfully recite all 11,588,500 pages without making any mistakes will awarded an official White House waiver. The winners will be announced in April, in a ceremony in the Rose Garden. President Obama will personally sign an Executive Order, freeing the winning contestants from compliance with Obamacare.

The contest, details of which were in a memo obtained by punditfromanotherplanet, recognizes the unpopularity of the Affordable Care Act. But it also banks on the popularity of game shows, contests, and prizes.

“…If Americans can see regular folks winning special exclusions–not just corporations, insurance companies, campaign donors, and labor unions, but regular, everyday people–we feel confident that this will restore faith in the promise of affordable health care, by making it extra-affordable for a special group of chosen people…”

Benjamin MacGuffin, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s deputy executive games division special director, wrote in the memo…


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Vatican’s Consultant Firm Warned White House of Obamacare Rollout Flop

 (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini)

(AP Photo/Andrew Medichini)

Dr. Susan Berry writes:  The private U.S. management consultancy firm hired by the Vatican to advise it on its media operations is the same firm that warned the White House of serious problems with the Obamacare rollout.

As Breitbart News reported Friday, the Vatican has hired McKinsey & Co. to “make the organization of the means of communication of the Holy See more functional, efficient, and modern.” McKinsey is considered to be one of the “Big Three” in management consulting services to Fortune 500 companies, the other two being Bain & Company and The Boston Consulting Group.

According to, individuals at McKinsey & Co. contributed $121,106 to Barack Obama for his re-election campaign; $159,388 to DNC Services Corp.; $71,450 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee; $57,500 to the Democrats’ Priorities USA Action and $25,000 to the Democrats’ House Majority PAC; $21,000 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee; and $25,000 to Planned Parenthood Votes.

Individual McKinsey & Co. donations to GOP candidates and causes included $100,053 to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign; $68,460 to the Republican National Committee; and $38,700 to Arkansas Republican Rep. Tom Cotton.

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A Critical Few Weeks for Democrats? It Could Get Worse

Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C. meets with chancellors and presidents from North Carolina's Historically Black Colleges and Universities for a summit in the U.S. Capitol on April 16, 2013. (Photo By Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call)

Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C. meets with chancellors and presidents from North Carolina’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities for a summit in the U.S. Capitol  (Photo By Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call)

Stuart Rothenberg writes:  No wonder some Democratic strategists are nervous about the next few weeks.

President Barack Obama’s job approval numbers have taken a dive in two recent polls, and party insiders fear that every other poll released in the foreseeable future will show that the rollout of the president’s health care law has been anything but a success — and has dramatically undermined the public’s confidence in him.

Maybe even more important, they worry that any weakening of the president’s standing will have a significant impact on Democrats’ chances to make House gains and hold the Senate. Read the rest of this entry »