Detroit Police Chief: Citizens Carrying Guns Makes Detroit Safer From Terrorist Attacks

Detroit Police Chief Praises Guns

Casey Harper reports: Detroit’s police chief gave a bold proposition for deterring terrorists in his city: arm the citizens.

James Craig points out that a city full of armed residents is not nearly as easy a target as those with strict gun laws.

“If you’re a terrorist, or a carjacker, you want unarmed citizens.”

“A lot of Detroiters have CPLs (concealed pistol licenses), and the same rules apply to terrorists as they do to some gun-toting thug,” Craig tells The Detroit News. “If you’re a terrorist, or a carjacker, you want unarmed citizens.”

Craig points to a new Michigan law that makes it easier to obtain a concealed carry permit as another way to increase safety in the city. Read the rest of this entry »


Pistol Packing Nurse Saves Man Being Beaten by Gang of Attackers in Detroit


 reports: On April 2, Deborah Hughes looked out her front window and saw Steve Utash on the ground being brutally beaten by a gang of men–she grabbed her pistol and ran to his aid.

According to the Daily Mail, Utash had stopped to check on a 10-year-old child “he had accidentally hit.”

When Utash got out of the car a gang converged on him and had beat him unconscious “by the time [Hughes] got to his side.”

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[VIDEO] Detroit Home Invasion Doesn’t Go as Planned

A case study in why Detroit PD Chief James Craig wants the locals to own guns…

YouTube « Hot Air  [See also Detroit Police Chief: Armed Citizens Can Make City Safer]

As Kevin D. Williamson says,

“Detroit isn’t a monster. It’s just ahead of the curve.”