New journal Science Robotics is Established to Chronicle the Rise of the Robots


Devin Coldewey reports: Robots have been a major focus in the technology world for decades and decades, but they and basic science, and for that matter everyday life, have largely been non-overlapping magisteria. That’s changed over the last few years, as robotics and every other field have come to inform and improve each other, and robots have begun to infiltrate and affect our lives in countless ways. So the only surprise in the news that the prestigious journal group Science has established a discrete Robotics imprint is that they didn’t do it earlier.

Editor Guang-Zhong Yang and president of the National Academy of Sciences Marcia McNutt introduce the journal:

In a mere 50 years, robots have gone from being a topic of science fiction to becoming an integral part of modern society. They now are ubiquitous on factory floors, build complex deep-sea installations, explore icy worlds beyond the reach of humans, and assist in precision surgeries… Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Derby the Dog: Running on 3D Printed Prosthetics

See how unique, custom 3D printed prosthetics allow Derby the dog to run for the first time.

[VIDEO] Drone with a Flame-Thrower, Roasting the Holiday Turkey 

For those interested in the parts used on this creation, see below.

Motors: (8x)…

Propellers: (8x)…

ESC: (8x)…

On/Off switch for pump:…

5V BEC:…

Frame Bars: (16x)…



There was also a significant number of 3D printed parts, wiring, soldering, and miscellaneous parts

[VIDEO] Panic in Manhattan: New Yorkers Terrified by Pizza Rat Prank 

Pizza Rat’s on a roll! Pranksters paid homage to the iconic Big Apple rodent — by building a robot version of it.

Operators of the YouTube channel PrankvsPrank created the….(read more)

Source: New York Post

[VIDEO] This Boeing 777 Made of Manila Folders Is Almost as Detailed as the Real Thing

[see all six photos here]


Popular Mechanics

Kiss This: Ten D.I.Y. Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Bursting with love, but want to be an originalist instead of a conformist? Prefer to avoid consumerist holiday corporate brainwashing? For the enterprising self-motivated romantics out there, MAKE magazine’s   has some hands-on suggestions:

Valentine’s Day is Friday… plenty of time to come up with a gift idea. But an idea is not enough. You need to deliver on it. You could go the flower-and-candy route, but that’s hardly originally and unless you grew the flowers and made the candy, and it’s certainly not very makerly. But we’re here to help. Here are 10 DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

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Indiana High School Students Make a Winning 849 MPG Car


 writes: After 10 months of work and support from a volunteer team of parents and community members, a group of students from Mater Dei High School in Evansville, Ind. won the AutoZone’s Show It off America social media contest last week. The contest recognizes the best DIY automotive projects in the country. This spring the eco vehicle also took second place in the Shell Eco-marathon Americas competition for an ultra high MPG vehicle. At 849 MPG, I’d say that’s pretty high. Read the rest of this entry »