[VIDEO] Military Operation of the Peshmerga and US Troops in Hawija 

US soldiers and ‎Peshmerga forces have freed 70 hostages in the ‎Kurdish region of North ‎Iraq.. The Pentagon says they were being held by ‎Daesh in a village near the city of Hawija. A spokesman says at least 20 Daesh(isis) militants were killed in the raid. One US soldier also died. It was the first American combat death since the US’ withdrawal from Iraq in 2011.

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[VIDEO] Louis CK Confronts Donald Rumsfeld About Accusations of Being a Lizard

An animation made from the audio from the Opie and Anthony radio show. Louis CK confronts Donald Rumsfeld about the accusations of being a lizard.


[VIDEO] Rumsfeld: ‘This White House, and State Department, Has Failed to Get a Status of Forces Agreement. A Trained Ape Could Get a Get a Status of Forces Agreement’

U.S. Relationship With Karzai Has Gone Downhill ‘Like a Toboggan’ Under Obama

I missed the original broadcast but saw the late evening replay of Greta’s interview with Rumsfeld, and it was ‘blistering’, indeed. it motivated me to go find the video or audio of his comments.  Above is a short video segment featuring the former Secretary of Defense’s most pointed criticism. Full interview on this page, scroll down to the second video.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld issued a blistering critique of the Obama administration for the deterioration of the United States’s relationship with Afghanistan Monday on Fox News.

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Rumsfeld squarely blamed the White House for failing to secure what should have been an easy status of forces agreement with Afghanistan.

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They used to say under Bush the world hates us

On Tuesday’s “Fox & Friends,” conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter railed against President Barack Obama’s foreign policy, saying, “they used to say under Bush, ‘Oh the world hates us, hates us,’ Now the world is laughing at us.”

Coulter, author of “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama,” noted the push by Democrats for the United States to act, comparing it with their reluctance after former Iraq President Saddam Hussein had launched chemical attacks on his own people in the late 1980s.

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‘The Unknown Known’ Review: Errol Morris vs. Donald Rumsfeld

“The Unknown Known”

Errol Morris goes mano-a-mano with former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and emerges with something of a draw in “The Unknown Known,” a coolly hypnotic conceptual sequel to Morris’ Oscar-winning Robert McNamara study, “The Fog of War,” by way of 2008’s Abu Ghraib docu “Standard Operating Procedure.” Ranging over familiar material, but made vivid by Morris’ fecund associations and invigorating stylistic flourishes (including a superb Danny Elfman score), this as-yet undated release from Weinstein Co. day-and-date label Radius will face audience Iraq fatigue at the theatrical box office (where “Fog” grossed an impressive $4 million domestically), but should attract plenty of curiosity seekers on VOD and during its eventual broadcast premiere via co-producer the History Channel.

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