‘How are you?’ American Beauty, 1999

1950s French Re-Release for Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Rope’, 1948; Le Classique du Suspense!


1950s re-release French grande for ROPE (Alfred Hitchcock, USA, 1948)

Artist: Roger Soubie (1898-1984) [see also]

Poster source: Heritage Auctions 


Illustration: Das Magazin, 1930

Das Magazin  1930


[VIDEO] David Mamet: “Nobody Wants The Government Involved In Their Business”

David Mamet: YouTube

David Mamet: ‘The Essence of Science is Doubt, to Follow Truth Wherever it Leads…’

“…that’s also the essence of drama to follow the truth of human interaction where it leads. You can’t do that while you’re also trying to promote a political agenda…”


Mamet’s appearance was brief, I happened to catch the segment, which was only a few moments. (artists and authors are rarely the lead guest on news programs, even dramatists of Mamet’s stature) Mamet’s comments, summarized here in this RealClearPolitics item, appear to focus on one minor comment, that Hollywood conservatives  are “legitimately frightened for their jobs“, but that’s just a provocative headline, not a reflection of his commentary. After the jump is a transcript of the Mamet interview. Mamet’s new book, Three War Stories, is available in paperback, and also as a Kindle edition.

Screenwriter and playwright David Mamet tells FOX News’ Megyn Kelly why there seems to be so few conservatives in Hollywood. Mamet said that people in Hollywood who fake being liberal do so because they’re “legitimately frightened for their jobs.” [VIDEO]

Mamet explained why he believes there are few open conservatives in Hollywood. “Conservatives believe in smaller government and in the power of the electorate. So I think that we’re less likely to try to use a dramatic forum to warp people’s political views.” —RealClearPolitics

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