[VIDEO] James Rosen, Sketch Artist

Théodore Galle: Emblems for Veridicus Christianus, by Jan David, 1606


Original Splash Page by Dick Dillin (pencils) and Sid Greene (inks) from ‘Atom and Hawkman’ #41, DC Comics, 1969


Stan Lee: The Human Torch


Comics: Spider-Man by Paolo Rivera


Comics: Fujiko Exhibition Focuses on Manufacturing in Manga


The Fujiko F. Fujio Hometown Art Gallery in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture, is celebrating its first anniversary with an exhibition on the theme of manufacturing in manga by Fujiko F. Fujio (1933-96).

Fujiko, who came from Takaoka, is known as the creator of “Doraemon” and other manga. The gallery introduces his life and work.

The ongoing commemorative exhibition, titled “Gengaten: Kiteretsu Daihyakka to Monozukuri,” features scenes from his manga showing characters making things. Takaoka is known as a city of manufacturing — hence the theme.

Many of Fujiko’s original drawings on display come from “Kiteretsu Daihyakka” (Kiteretsu encyclopedia), the central character of which loves to tinker with anything mechanical. There are pages from other works by Fujiko as well, including “Doraemon” and “Tebukuro Tetchan.”

The 30 original drawings currently on display will be changed twice during the exhibition, in April and August. In all, 90 original works from the Fujiko collection will be displayed in the exhibition, which will continue through the end of November next year.

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Captain America: ‘His Brother’s Keeper’



Captain America Inked Panels



Comic Book Artwork: Captain America ‘Red Skull in the Morning Cap Take Warning!’


Source: Comicbookartwork

Palace of Soviets, 1930

Source: Официальный форум игры World of Tanks

Original Art by Steve Muffatti for ‘Turkey in the Raw’ from Little Audrey #33, Harvey Comics, 1954


Original Art, Color Guide, and Final Cover Art by John Romita Sr. from Captain America #114

Mickey Mouse: ‘Steamboat Willie’


Disneyland Museum

Original Splash Page from Batman: Mad Monk #3, DC Comics, by Matt Wagner, 2006


Original splash page by Matt Wagner from Batman: Mad Monk #3, published by DC Comics, December 2006.

Original Art: Daredevil #232 by David Mazzucchelli, 1986

Original Cover Art by Brian Bolland from Superman Annual #12, Published by DC Comics, 1986


Original cover art by Brian Bolland from Superman Annual #12, published by DC Comics, 1986.

ILLUSTRATION: Work by Stacy Rozich


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Robert Crumb: Self-portrait, 1983


[VIDEO] New Magnetic ‘Slate’ Lets You Digitize Pen & Paper Drawings in Real Time

editor-commen-deskA harmonious union between natural drawing and digital technology has been one of the most elusive challenges, one of the computer revolution’s great disappointments. What happened? It didn’t happen. Most efforts to make this work have been somewhat interesting, but ultimately, fall short. We expected better. Does isketchnote break the barrier? Good question. I haven’t had an opportunity to test it, but based on this early edition, it’s definitely worth closer examination. Here’s a few comments:

On her YouTube pageLatin Vixen writes:

Got my kickstarter Isketchnote device by iskn. This device digitizes your artwork on any piece of paper or sketchbook that fits in the black area of the digitizer. It digitizes the sketch and draws it on the iPad in real time. You can replay the sketch as it creates an animation or save the sketch. Handy device if you need your work digitized right away so you can later finish it on the computer. Great for digitizing notes as well…


In an entertaining review at Rocketnews24, Scott Wilson writes:

iSketchnote started as a Kickstarter project by the French group ISKN in September 2013, and it quickly exceeded its modest $35,000 goal by hitting $350,000. Now, a little over a year later, it’s finally being released to the public as an alternative digital-drawing tablet. In fact it’s not even a tablet at all; it’s just a “slate” and a pen. You can put any kind of paper that you want on top of the slate, write away with the special pen, and watch your writing or drawing get turned into a digital version in real-time via Bluetooth or USB to your tablet or PC….(read more)

In sketchnote first testLatin Vixen continues:

At the start of start of the video you see me touching the ipad. I am adjusting the opacity of the lines that will appear on the ipad and the size. I lowered the opacity to around 40% as I go over my lines a lot so it matches my real media art style best. Read the rest of this entry »

Edgar Degas: Study of Contrebassist


Edgar Degas. Study of contrebassist

Monkey Brand: Happy New Year Everyone


The Grapic 1900 adv Monkey Brand (by janwillemsen)

Vintage Coloring Book Illustration of the Day