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Barack Obama, Secret GOP Campaign Operative: ‘Elected More Republicans Than Any Human Being in history?’ Seems So


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Why Is This Woman Smiling?



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Proof That Millennials Are Stupid


Sight Of 400 War Elephants On Horizon Marks Hillary Clinton’s Arrival In Swing State

Canada’s Left-Wing Liberal & New Democratic Parties on the ‘Wrong Side of History’? 

Muslim women in niqab face veils as worn by Rebekah Dawson, who has been told she can wear the veil in court but must remove it to give evidence. Photograph: Don Mcphee for the Guardian

Face Veil Controversy Rocks Canada’s National Elections.

John Fund writes:

Vancouver, British Columbia — Canada holds national elections on October 19, and the race there has taken a surprising turn. The ruling Conservative party is making political hay over a court decision that killed its ban on women wearing the niqab — or face veil — while taking the oath of citizenship. The opposition left-wing Liberal and New Democratic parties have been pounded relentlessly for not opposing use of the niqab. Conservatives have moved from third place into first place in the polls and are currently the only party with a shot at winning a majority of seats in Parliament. A full 83 percent of voters back the Conservatives’ position on the Muslim face veil….(read more)

Source: National Review Online

Camille Paglia: What a Woman President Should Be Like

Foto: TomCabral/ SantoLima Data: 13-11-2010 Ass: Fliporto 2010 em Olinda - PE. Na foto Camille Paglia.

“Most of the American electorate has probably been ready for a woman president for some time. But that woman must have the right array of qualities and ideally have risen to prominence through her own talents and not (like Hillary Clinton or Argentina’s President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner) through her marriage to a powerful man.”

Camille Paglia writes: Why has the U.S., the cradle of modern democracy, never had a woman president?

Incredulous young feminists, watching female heads of state multiply from Brazil and Norway to Namibia and Bangladesh, denounce this glaring omission as blatant sexism. But there are systemic factors, arising from the Constitution, popular tradition, and our electoral process, that have inhibited American women from attaining the highest office in the land.

The U.S. president is not just chief executive but commander-in-chief of the armed forces, an anomaly that requires manifest personal authority, particularly during periods of global instability. Women politicians, paglia-faceroutinely focused on social welfare needs, must demonstrate greater involvement with international and military affairs.

“The protracted and ruthlessly gladiatorial U.S. electoral process drives talented women politicians away from the fray. What has kept women from winning the White House is not simple sexism but their own reluctance to subject themselves to the harsh scrutiny and ritual abuse of the presidential sweepstakes.”

Second, the president has a ceremonial function, like that of the British royal family, in symbolically representing the history and prestige of the nation. Hence voters subliminally look for gravitas, an ancient term describing the laconic dignity of Roman senators. The president must project steadiness, sober reserve, and deliberative judgment. Many women, who tend to talk faster and smile more than men, have trouble with gravitas as performance art.paglia-book

[Order Paglia’s book  “Glittering Images: A Journey Through Art from Egypt to Star Wars” from Amazon]

Third, the complex, coast-to-coast primary system in the U.S. forces presidential candidates into well over a year of brutal competition for funding and grass-roots support. Their lives are usurped by family-disrupting travel, stroking of rich donors, and tutelage by professional consultants and p.r. flacks. This exhausting, venal marathon requires enormous physical stamina and perhaps ethical desensitization to survive it.

[Read the full text here, at TIME]

In contrast, many heads of state elsewhere ascend through their internal party structure. They are automatically elevated to prime minister when their party wins a national election. This parliamentary system of government has been far more favorable for the steady rise of women to the top. Read the rest of this entry »

THE PANTSUIT REPORT| Reminder To Media: Helping Hillary Is Not Your Job


John Hayward writes: The 2016 presidential race has only just begun, and we already have an unforgettable image for the history books: a pack of salivating reporters racing after Hillary Clinton’s taxpayer-funded “Mystery Machine” van, like a flock of pigeons chasing after scattered birdseed.  pantsuit-report

“This is going to be tough for you, Media, because everyone knows 80 to 90 percent of you vote Democrat. Heck, a lot of you are former operatives of Democrat political machines.”

Conservative humorist Iowahawk dubbed it “the stampede of the majestic North American Throne-Sniffers.” The Washington Free Beacon spliced in the theme music from the old Benny Hill comedy show to create the perfect viewing experience.


There’s another image I would submit for the history books: Hillary’s campaign gearing up to use an old publicity still of then-SecState Clinton using a Blackberry.

[Read the full text here, at Breitbart]

Here’s the thing, Media – it’s your job to remind Americans that Hillary’s under a thick cloud of scandal, and may end up under indictment, for running the off-the-books email server she was plugged into with that BlackBerry. It’s your job to remind American voters, over and over again, that Clinton jeopardized national security and deliberately violated transparency laws by doing this, and when she got caught, she looked the 12-hillary-clinton-email.w245.h368American people right in the eye and lied extravagantly and demonstrably about setting up her shadow server because she didn’t want to carry two portable electronic devices to check her mail.

“Here’s the thing, Media – it’s your job to remind Americans that Hillary’s under a thick cloud of scandal, and may end up under indictment, for running the off-the-books email server she was plugged into with that BlackBerry…”

That’s not a Republican “talking point” – it’s crucial to who Hillary Clinton is, and how she views herself in relation to the Little People. It says more about her arrogant view of the proletariat and disdain for accountability than a hundred speeches. She hasn’t “addressed” or “dealt with” the email scandal, and it’s not “old news.”  In fact, we’re just learning today that Clinton was directly asked if she was running a private mail server by Congress in 2012, and both she and her Department blew off the question.

” …She hasn’t ‘addressed’ or ‘dealt with’ the email scandal, and it’s not ‘old news.’…That’s not a Republican ‘talking point’ – it’s crucial to who Hillary Clinton is, and how she views herself in relation to the Little People.”

That’s not okay, no matter which party the Secretary of State belongs to, and which party is running either or both houses of Congress. And it’s highly relevant to the question of whether such an individual can be trusted with any important government job, let alone the presidency.

This is going to be tough for you, Media, because everyone knows 80 to 90 percent of you vote Democrat. Heck, a lot of you are former operatives of Democrat political machines, or you’re dreaming about getting a job in the next Democrat Administration. You love Barack Obama with romantic passion, and you know his “legacy” cannot be cemented – either as media myth, or policy fact – if he’s succeeded by a Republican. Read the rest of this entry »



Spite: A Trail Balloon Filled with Poison

BREAKING: White House Officially Responds to Benjamin Netanyahu’s Election Victory


[EXCLUSIVE: Audio of President Obama’s Statement Here]

[CHART] Here’s Why Jon Stewart’s Quitting The Daily Show Is So Painful for Democrats



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An ad from the Israel election 2015

Landrieu’s Loss a Harsh Milestone for Southern Democrats

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Sunset Boulevard: Norma Desmond Pelosi


[BOOKS] Midterm Noir: ‘They Lied To Her…’


UNROCK The VOTE: Celebrities Are Less Likely to Vote in Midterms, Just Like Us!


At least five who appeared in the PSA — “Girls” actress Lena Dunham, comedian Whoopi Goldberg, “Orange is the New Black” actress Natasha Lyonne, “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” star E.J. Johnson, and actor Darren Criss — did not vote in the last midterm, records from Los Angeles County and New York City show.

Rock The Vote released a public service announcement last month with a parody of Lil Jon‘s “Turn Down For What” that featured public figures who explained why they planned to vote in the midterm elections, but according to public records, a number of them didn’t vote in the last midterm election. Read the rest of this entry »

Meet the Non-Voters

Who won’t be voting Tuesday: The young, the more racially diverse, the financially strapped http://pewrsr.ch/1DDrk85 


Michael Barone and The Mysterious Case of the ‘Democratic Dogs That Aren’t Barking’


Silence of the Dogs

Barone-3Sherlock Holmes famously solved a mystery by noticing the dog that didn’t bark in the night. Dogs that are not barking at night — nor in prime time — provide some useful clues to understanding the significance of this year’s election.

Contrary to the disparagement of some liberal pundits, this election is not about nothing. But is not about certain, specific things they might like to hear.

[Michael Barone is the Senior Political Analyst for the Washington Examiner. Read the rest of Barone‘s article here]

President Obama recently said that Democrats in serious Senate and House contests this year back “every one” of his programs. But you hear very little dog-no-barkabout those programs in their ads.

Stimulus Package

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Higher Tax Rates on High Earners

Foreign Policy

The stimulus package, for example, is not mentioned much. Nor are proposals by serious Democrats like Clinton administration veteran William Galston for a national infrastructure bank. These dogs aren’t barking.

“As Holmes might deduce, the solution to the clue of the non-barking Democratic dogs is that most voters lack faith in government to solve problems, to make their lives better or even to perform with minimal competence.”

The reasons are obvious. The stimulus didn’t stimulate the economy the way the Reagan tax cuts did in the 1980s. As for infrastructure, as Obama sheepishly admitted, there is no such thing — given environmental reviews and bureaucratic torpor—as a shovel-ready project. Read the rest of this entry »

Mystery Campaign Captures Attention of Undecided Low-Information Voters in Ambitious Bid for Global Domination


Hong Kong has too many poor people to allow direct elections, leader says

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[VIDEO] Rogan: Wendy Davis’s Empty-Wheelchair Ad ‘a Massive Miscalculation’, Reflects ‘Absolute Desperation’

 National Review Online

White House Admits Obama Delayed Executive Amnesty So GOP Couldn’t Campaign on It


A revealing admission. And further proof that this administration was never about serving the public interest, statesmanship, or governing. The U.S. government has been politicized and subverted to the point where it’s little more than a fundraising and election-rigging machine. One that commands an Army, Navy, Air force, Marines, an EPA, an IRS, ICE, labor department, Federal Reserve, Treasury, and countless law enforcement and regulatory agencies, a rose garden, and endless golfing vacations. And enjoys its own taxpayer-funded, state-of-the-art luxury fundraising airplane.

“…you would have seen Republican candidates do more to make the immigration issue central to their campaign. And in the event that they were successful in their campaign, the concern would be that they would cite their opposition to immigration reform as a reason to their success.”

— White House press secretary Josh Earnestbillionaire-o

Here’s a bonus “headline of the day” from Breitbart.com

And here’s some bonus questions. What makes Obama think the GOP can’t campaign on executive amnesty? And did he really think delaying it would prevent his party from losing the Senate? That’s the risk of being political, unpopular, and short-sighted.

From National Review Online:

White House press secretary Josh Earnest bluntly admitted on Wednesday that the reason President Obama chose to delay executive amnesty for illegal immigrants was so Republicans would not be able to campaign on the issue during the midterms. Read the rest of this entry »

GOP Dubs Democrats the Party of the Rich in 2012 Turnabout

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Election Results In: Batman Wins

Vote Batman

Scotland Decides Its Fate Today

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Binge: Obamas Budget Bursting with Sparkly New Spending and Tax Hikes, Never Balances


Guy Benson  reports:  For the fifth time in six years, Barack Obama missed his budget deadline — and for the sixth time in six years, the spending blueprint he eventually produced never comes close to balancing. The Washington Post previewed Obama’s budget last month, noting that the White House would peddle it as an end to America’s “era of austerity.” That’s rich. Under this president, the federal government has spent more money annually than at any other time in US history.

“Gun control, immigration reform and climate change are extremely low priorities for most Americans, but not for Barack Obama…”

Annual deficits have ranged between $500 billion and $1.4 trillion. Prior to Barack Obama’s presidency, the United States had never racked up a single trillion-dollar annual shortfall. On his watch, Washington has done so four times. The Congressional Budget Office projects that on our current trajectory, we’ll hit $1 trillion again within eight years. Various fact-checkers have confirmed that among his many predecessors, President Obama is the “undisputed debt king,” having added more than $6 trillion to the nation’s red ink since taking office in 2009. In his first campaign, Obama called President Bush “unpatriotic” for amassing more than $4 trillion in gross national debt over two full terms in office.

“This president’s fiscal recklessness and partisan cynicism is has been a calling card of his administration…”

So that, ladies and gentlemen, is the “era of austerity” that Obama has magnanimously decided to end. His new grand vision, the Associated Press reports, will “appeal to Democrats,” and is a politically-charged “messaging” document, according to Time:

Obama’s $3.9 trillion budget represents a laundry-list of policy proposals designed to help Democrats hold the Senate and pick up seats in the House. Obama essentially conceded the point last month, when the White House announced he is dropping calls for an unpopular, but cost-saving measure to change the way inflation is calculated for the purposes of entitlement programs like Social Security…

Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Elijha Cummings Stages Crazy Beans Cuckoo Bananas Phony Rage Fit on TV


Elijha Cummings Phony Grandstanding Performance – YouTube

In Case You Were Wondering: President Romney? Yes, if the election were held today

English: Governor Mitt Romney of MA

Aaron Blake writes: For Mitt Romney, the 2012 election was held about a year too early.

[I have to interrupt Aaron: The election was held at the right time. Romney would likely have achieved a decisive victory last November if not for the virtual blackout of media coverage unfavorable to the incumbent. It’s on the record: falsified job report numbers, systematic intimidation of citizen opposition groups by the IRS, and holding back of negative economic news until after the election. The massive cascade of job layoff news stories and bad economic reports that spilled out immediately after the election reveals the pre-election suppression beyond doubt.]

Romney would hold a slight lead on President Obama if the 2012 election were replayed today, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

The poll of registered voters shows Romney at 49 percent and Obama at 45 percent in the rematch, a mirror image of Romney’s four-point (51-47) popular-vote loss in 2012.

Obama’s shifting fortunes, of course, come as his signature health-care is increasingly embattled — both thanks to a glitchy Web site and a broken promise by Obama to allow people who like their insurance to keep it.

Obama’s loss of support is spread across many demographics, but he has suffered most among the young, the less-educated, the poor and, perhaps most interestingly, among liberals. Read the rest of this entry »

Why Did Obama Cede the Center, and Run Left? (Hint: Because Obama Actually is a Leftist)

Interesting item from The Corner, by Stanley Kurtz

October 24, 2012 9:24 P.M.

Let the pre-criminations begin! Clive Crook asks why on earth Obama ceded the center to Mitt Romney by running a class-warfare-based campaign. Crook sees Obama as a centrist mysteriously cowed by his party’s leftist base. I think we can clear this mystery up. Obama ran a leftist class-warfare campaign because…well, he’s a leftist class-warrior.

I’ve been struck by commentators on both right and left treating Obama’s leftist campaign as a matter of strict necessity. For a couple of years, conventional wisdom has held that the weak economy left Obama little choice but to turn this into a base election. Then conventional wisdom was upended by the conventions. Bill Clinton’s questionable but effective attempts to exonerate Obama from economic blame could easily have been combined with a centrist campaign–and presidency. Obama’s class-warfare campaign was a choice, not a necessity. But to see that is to suggest that Obama is a leftist by conviction, and many have been reluctant to do that.

Read the rest of this entry »

Ohio county elections chief quits, citing stress

An Ohio county’s director of elections has resigned because he says work on the coming presidential election was too stressful.

The Dayton Daily News reports ( http://bit.ly/QwGPJb) that Miami County elections director Steve Quillen cited “the stress of the upcoming presidential election” in his decision.

The county election board accepted Quillen’s resignation Friday, just weeks before the election. He is a Republican so the county Republican Party in the key presidential battleground state will recommend his successor.

The county had experienced delays in getting absentee ballots to voters, but the board chairman says that played no part in Quillen’s departure.

A Republican on the board said the shuffle won’t affect the integrity of the election.

The board asked Quillen’s deputy to contact the state elections chief for help.


Information from: Dayton Daily News, http://www.daytondailynews.com

It Comes Down to Foreign Policy

On October 2, the day before the first debate, Mitt Romney trailed Barack Obama in the Real Clear Politics poll average by 3.3 percentage points. Today, just before the second debate, Romney led by 0.4 points—almost a 4-point swing in two weeks. What now?

Probably, not much for the next few days. Obama may have stopped Romney’s momentum, but its hard to believe he reversed it. So were likely to have a dead-even race going into the third and final debate Monday night. That potentially decisive debate is on foreign policy. So, after all the talk about how this election was inevitably and only going to be about the economy, foreign policy could well be the tie breaker.

Foreign policy isnt Romneys natural subject. Its not his comfort zone. And its always more difficult for the challenger. Good. Romney will have to rise to the occasion. He should be able to make the case against Obamas foreign policy, and for his alternative. It isn’t unreasonable that he be asked to. After all, within months after being sworn in Romney or Obama will have to make important decisions on Syria, Afghanistan, and Iran.

So if Romney cant win the foreign policy debate, he probably wont win. If he can, if he rises to the challenge, hell deserve victory, and hell probably achieve it.

via The Weekly Standard

Angry old man yells at Paul Ryan for 90 minutes

(funniest epithet so far–jackhole)

I expected “table-pounding atmospherics” from Biden but I didn’t expect him to act like a total jackhole for fully 90 minutes. Give him credit for knowing his target audience, though: His task tonight was to get the left excited again after Obama fell into a semi-coma in Denver, and evincing utter disdain for Ryan — grimacing, shouting, laughing inappropriately, and constant, constant interruptions, the total jackhole experience — is just what the doctor ordered. He might have irritated independents and undecideds, but probably not so much that it’ll change people’s votes. The Democrats needed someone to go out there and clown for liberals, and if there’s one thing this guy knows, it’s clowning.

Here’s a taste of what I mean via Mediaite, centered around one of Ryan’s more cutting lines of the evening. For what it’s worth, the media lost patience with Biden’s shtick too, but I doubt that’ll cost him anything tomorrow.

And yes, Raddatz was also terrible. Exit quotation from Greg Gutfeld: “Biden is the drunk at the bar; Martha is the unhappy bartender, and Ryan is the unfortunate salesman caught in the middle…”

More >> via Hot Air

Stephanie Cutter’s Baffling Appearance on ‘Special Report’: Speculation Mounts that Cutter Has Mental Disorder, or is a Secret Republican Double-Agent Assigned to Scramble Obama’s Reelection Bid

Angst grows among President Obamas supporters

First came the nausea. Then came the anxiety…

Update: Tanks in the streets as Venezuelan electoral council declares Hugo Chavez victory

Update 10:50 p.m.: According to the Associated Press, Venezuela’s electoral council has declared that Hugo Chavez beat Henriques Capriles in Sunday’s presidential election with about 54 percent of the vote, despite exit polls showing otherwise.

Venezuela Twitter users have claimed Chavez’s victory was wrought with election fraud, and that the socialist incumbent president sent tanks into the streets of his country as those exit poll reports showed him losing. A picture of the tanks surfaced on Twitter Sunday evening.

The British Guardian newspaper reported that Chavez also sent troops armed with AK-47s into Venezuela’s streets to fight against any protests in case unrest came as a result of the news…

via >> The Daily Caller

Liberals fret: Is Obama bored? Does he want a second term? Maybe not…

There’s no doubt President Obama’s liberal supporters are worried by his lackluster performance in the Denver debate.  “Everyone is in shock,” one show-business liberal told the Hollywood reporter.  “No one can understand…”

via  not. | WashingtonExaminer.com.

Without voting, noncitizens could swing the election for Obama – The Washington Post

If President Obama wins reelection by three or four Electoral College votes next month, the reason may be simple: noncitizens, mostly immigrants, who don’t have the right to vote. No, I’m not talking about his immigration policy or his popularity with Latinos. Nor does this have anything to do with voter fraud. Rather, an Obama victory could hinge on a quirk in the Constitution that gives noncitizens, a group that includes illegal immigrants and legal permanent residents, a say in electing the president of the United States…

via >> The Washington Post