The Shame Sham

shame1 For Takis MagazineJim Goad writes: Like all societies before it, our society considers nothing more shameful than to be shameless. Thus, the Internet—which binds our society together like cheese binds a colon—is crammed with so much public shaming, it should be ashamed of itself.

Sticking your fist into the electronic beehive, you will be bitten by a thousand types of public shaming: age-shaming v. youth-shamingslut-shaming v. virgin-shamingfat-shaming v. skinny-shaming, and poor-shaming v. wealth-shaming. You will find liberals shaming liberals in the ongoingintersectionality wars, resulting in gay-on-gay shaming and black-on-black shaming.

“What makes Internet-directed public shaming more insidious and cowardly than all prior forms is its ability to muster a million torch-bearers at once, none of whom is required to face their target in the flesh and look him in the eyes.”

Ain’t that a shame? Yes, it is. It’s a shame indeed, but don’t expect the public shamers to feel ashamed of their public shaming. Have they no shame? No, not for themselves. Like all moralists, they exist only to shame others.

“Like all societies before it, our society considers nothing more shameful than to be shameless.”

Public shaming is nothing new. It has long and ignoble history, from Roman crucifixions to the Spanish Inquisition to the “shame societies” of China (with its psychotic and murderous struggle sessions) and Japan (with its ritual of seppuku which, though self-directed, is often spurred by a suicidal sense of social shame). Every self-justifying social organism—i.e., all of them—puts its outliers and miscreants through some form of hairshirtsdunce capsperp walks, and tarring and feathering, and they never seem to feel ashamed of indulging in such cruel and depressingly typical rituals, at least not while it’s happening. Societies only seem capable of coming to terms with their collective potential for cruelty when it is too late to do anything about it. Thus, Americans still shed tears about Emmett Till and the Scottsboro Boys while turning a blind eye to modern black flash mobs. Read the rest of this entry »

The silence of the race hustlers

Posted By Todd Starnes

The Daily Caller » The silence of the race hustlers

This horrific video shows a 13-year-old white boy in Gulfport, Florida being savagely beaten by three black classmates. They threw dozens of punches and when the boy tried to crawl underneath a seat, they unleashed a flurry of kicks and stomps.

Not a single person on board the bus tried to stop the brutal rampage as the trio of thugs broke the boy’s arm.

The school bus driver can be heard frantically calling a radio dispatcher for assistance as the boy screamed in pain and agony.

“No, you’ve got to send somebody here quick, quick, quick,” driver John Moody said. “They about to beat this boy to death over here.”

And yet, the driver did not intervene.

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A Morality Tale That Failed

The media tried to turn the Zimmerman trial into something it’s not: a racial metaphor.

By  Rich Lowry

Al Sharpton

The George Zimmerman trial is the racial metaphor that failed. It has proved that none of the ideological baggage heaped on the case ever made any sense.

George Zimmerman is not a symbol of white America, or — to borrow the stilted phrase the New York Times used to refer to him in its reports — white-Hispanic America. The case is not about race relations. Incredibly enough, even the attorney for Trayvon Martin’s family now says, “We don’t believe the focus was really race.”

To the extent that the entire episode has any larger meaning, it is a tale of the left’s desperation to indict contemporary America as a land of rank racism, different in degree, perhaps, but not in kind from 1950s Mississippi. That’s where Emmett Till, to whom Trayvon Martin has often been compared, was brutally murdered for whistling at a white woman.

Mentioning Martin in the same breath as Till is an offense against history and common sense.

When the national controversy over Martin’s killing first erupted, I thought it was wrong that Zimmerman wasn’t charged. I still think it was foolhardy of Zimmerman to get out of his car and trail Martin, and that if he had had the sense to leave the matter at his call to the police, a tragedy could have been avoided.

But that doesn’t make him a murderer. There was always a perverse wishfulness to the Zimmerman-haters: Look how rotten and backward this country is. Look at what white-Hispanics are capable of. Look at the corruption of our criminal-justice system. Look at this poor child murdered in cold blood.MSNBC tried and convicted Zimmerman, executed him by firing squad, then propped the body up at the defense table so it could do it all over again. Host Lawrence O’Donnell said Zimmerman shot “a black teenager to death for having done absolutely nothing,” and opined that “I believe what we have here is evidence of a police cover-up.” At a rally, another of the network’s personalities, the Reverend Al Sharpton, compared the injustice done to Martin to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ — and that may have been one of his cooler-headed moments.

The most poisonous interpretation of Zimmerman’s conduct — that he sought out and assassinated a black kid for being a black kid — was never plausible. Assassins generally don’t call the police before tracking down targets. But it looks positively ridiculous in light of all the evidence suggesting that right before Zimmerman fired, Martin was beating Zimmerman, not the other way around.

The prosecution had the odd habit of calling witnesses who contradicted its case against Zimmerman. One of them, a neighbor named John Good, testified that Martin was mounted “MMA-style” on top of Zimmerman, drubbing him in a “ground-and-pound.” A forensic witness called by the defense, Dr. Vincent Di Maio, testified that the muzzle of Zimmerman’s gun was against Martin’s clothing, which in turn was several inches away from Martin’s body — facts consistent with Martin being on top of Zimmerman.

Accounts differ on who was crying out for help that night. Martin’s family says it was Martin; Zimmerman’s family says it was Zimmerman. But Zimmerman is the one who had the injuries consistent with getting beaten up and being in distress.

All of this suggests that Zimmerman fired in self-defense. At this point, if he is convicted of second-degree murder as charged, he will be the one failed by the Florida criminal-justice system — not Martin.

Justice, in the sense of a deliberate, lawful judgment consistent with the facts, was never the driving passion of the Zimmerman-haters. They wanted a racial morality play. If Trayvon Martin had been shot by another black person, no one would have cared. Al Sharpton wouldn’t have made him a cause. Lawrence O’Donnell wouldn’t have batted an eyelash. No one outside his immediate family and friends would have ever known his name.

Trayvon Martin’s shooting was an ideologically useful tragedy, and so the vultures did their worst.

— Rich Lowry is the editor of National Review. He is also the author of the recently released book Lincoln Unbound. He can be reached via e-