FAA Extends WTF Travel Ban to Israel for Another 24 Hours


ABC News reports: The FAA announced today that they have not lifted their ban against travel to or from Tel Aviv‘s airport and will prohibit travel to the country for an additional 24 hours.

[See [VIDEO] Lowry: FAA Ban ‘an Overreaction and a Real Blow to Israel’]

“The agency is working closely with the Government of Israel to review the significant new information they have provided and determine whether potential risks to U.S. civil aviation are mitigated so the agency can resolve concerns as quickly as possible,” the FAA said in a statement.

This comes a day after they barred all American air carriers from flying to or from Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv following a rocket attack within a mile of the airport. Read the rest of this entry »

Fly Your Own Drone (Without Getting in Trouble)

qa-questionI’m interested in building a backyard drone, but I don’t want to ruffle any feathers. What FAA regulations and drone-laws-0314-mdnprivacy laws should I be aware of before I jump in?



Davey Alba writes:  If you intend to build and fly a drone recreationally, you face only a few restrictions, which come to you courtesy of the Federal Aviation Administration. Just make sure your unmanned aerial vehicle flies within your line of sight, less than 400 feet above the ground, during the day, and more than 3 miles from any airport. (You’ll be in even better shape, according to the FAA’s recommendations, if you choose an operating site far from noise-sensitive and densely populated areas such as parks, schools, and hospitals.) These rules, detailed in FAA Advisory Circular 91-57 and published in 1981, were written for model aircraft, but for now the FAA is applying the same rules to UAVs.

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Drone Skies: The Unmanned Aircraft Revolution Is Coming

Call them what you want—flying robots, unmanned aircraft, or drones—vehicles such as this 5-pound Indago quadrotor are changing the skies over America. Craig Cutler

Drones over America. Photo:Craig Cutler

Richard Whittle writes: It’s a quiet morning in San Francisco, with soft sunlight illuminating patches of thick fog billowing over the Golden Gate Bridge. A solitary unmanned aircraft—a 4-pound, battery-powered wedge of impact-resistant foam with a 54-inch wingspan, a single pusher-propeller in the rear, and a GoPro video camera attached to its body—quietly approaches the landmark.

Raphael “Trappy” Pirker controls the aircraft from a nearby hill. The bridge is within sight, but the 29-year-old enjoys the scenery through virtual-reality goggles strapped to his head. The drone’s-eye view is broadcast to the goggles, giving Pirker a streaming image of the bridge that grows larger as he guides the radio-controlled aircraft closer. Read the rest of this entry »