COMMENTARY: How Obama’s Portrait Reveals the Failures of the Elitist Art World


In the Weeds: Kehinde Wiley’s Obama Portrait 

.As the United States clips along at the speed of Trump, the news cycle races by in a dizzying blur. Events rapidly recede without any time for real analysis. Such was the case for the big reveal of the official portraits of former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Although it just happened on February 12, it already feels like ancient history. Yet this regrettable image is going to be cluttering up the National Portrait Gallery forever, so it’s worth understanding just what the tax payers had to subsidize.

The Michelle Obama portrait is just sad. A tentative, pallid non-likeness. The apparatchiks at the museum assure us that it is so popular it had to be moved to a larger display space. Perhaps a pilgrimage to it gives the same solace that some progressives get from the plastic Obama…

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Saint Luke Drawing the Virgin


Jan Gossaert c. 1520-1522

Saint Luke Drawing the Virgin (detail)

Camille Pissarro: ‘Turkey Girl’, 1884

PISSARRO, Camille Turkey Girl 1884 Tempera on paper, 81 x 65 cm Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Turkey Girl

Pissarro, Camille, 1884
Tempera on paper, 81 x 65 cm
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

[PHOTO] Gallery Image of the Day


Ben Shahn: Two Whispering Politicians


BEN SHAHN (1898–1969)

Two Whispering Politicians, undated


NOTES: Acquired 1950. © Estate of Ben Shahn/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY.

American Art 

Antique Image of the Day: Japanese Bather