Yes, New Zealand Wants to Change Its Flag


These Are the Finalists?

There really isn’t much by which to distinguish the flags of New Zealand and Australia. The former comes with a Union Jack flag in the top left against a deep blue background with red stars. The latter includes a Union Jack flag in the top left against a deep blue background with — wait for it! — white stars.

That’s resulted in quite a bit of confusion — usually to the disadvantage of smaller New Zealand. That country’s prime minister, John Key, has spoken of being seated in front of Australia’s flag at multilateral fora, a wonderful bit of small-country anxiety that HBO’s John Oliver recently satirized to great effect…(read more)

[VIDEO] End of the Umbrella Revolution: ‘Hong Kong Silenced’

In September 2014, VICE News documented the birth of the so-called Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. When students organized a weeklong strike to protest China’s handling of the local election process, the government responded with tear gas.

Thousands of Hong Kong residents took to the city’s streets in solidarity with the students and the protesters occupied several major roads for weeks on end.

[Read more about the Umbrella Movement at]

Nearly two months into the occupation, the demands and resolve of the protesters remained unchanged. They started to become fatigued and divided against each other, however, and public support for their cause began to decline. The movement was under immense pressure to either escalate their action, or to retreat and give back the streets.

When VICE News returned to Hong Kong near the end of 2014 to check in on the protesters, we witnessed the final days of the Umbrella Movement’s pro-democracy demonstrations.

Watch “Hong Kong Rising

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[PHOTO] The Scene as President Obama’s Motorcade Arrived at his Hotel in Oklahoma City


The scene as President Obama’s motorcade arrived at his hotel in Oklahoma City tonight. Photo by @dougmillsnyt

The mainstream media has long attempted to paint supporters of the Confederate flag as white Southern racists who have a chip on their shoulder about losing the Civil War and miss the good ol’ days of owning slaves.

That was proven not to be the case when President Barack Obama’s motorcade rolled into Oklahoma City on Wednesday and was met with a large crowd of Confederate flag-waving supporters — many of whom were black.

But the media people were especially stunned when they learned that Andrew Duncomb, a black man who calls himself “the Black Rebel,” organized the rally himself in an attempt to celebrate his proud Southern heritage. Read the rest of this entry »

‘Apparently CNN Thinks a Flag Comprised of Butt Plugs and Dildos is an ISIS Flag’


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