Towards a New Dictionary of Received Ideas

First-rate  by Ace.  (you won’t want to miss the part about the ‘milking bell’)

La Dictionairre d’Idees Reçues

La Dictionairre d’Idees Reçues

Ann Althouse writes of Flaubert‘s La Dictionairre d’Idees Reçues, or “Dictionary of Received Ideas.” A comical, cynical spoof of the Thoughtless Thoughts people are infected with.

This is what I think Jonah Goldberg was talking about in his Tyranny of Clichés.

It’s these automatic thoughts that cling to the brain like parasites that destroy thinking and reason. Rather like, and I don’t think could possibly be a cliché, alien Body Thetans of idiocy that are interfering with the lucid functioning of our own spirit Thetan.

Amusing Ourselves to Death briefly noted the long, long history of Thoughtless Thoughts. In pre-literate cultures, when all knowledge was stored in human memory and recalled by verbal trope, it was useful to have cute and memorable aphorisms, appellations and other received wisdom in the form of canned cliché. Thus all dawns reflexively had rosy fingers, and were you to dig into the ground, you’d find some money rooting all evils.

Although we’ve long since gained the capacity to write and read, we’ve kept many of the Automatic Associations we’ve been taught.

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