[VIDEO] Jerry Seinfeld on How to Not Be a Jerk in the Digital Age

As technology pioneers, we are inundated with new gadgets, services, apps, messaging, games, and media. We’re dosing, vaping, and Lyfting. And that means there are new rules for how to behave. Is it OK to answer an email during dinner? Is Google Glass ever cool? We got some help from Jerry Seinfeld, keen observer of social mores and foibles, on how to cope with modern technology.

Does giving Uber drivers a bad rating make you a jerk? We’ve got your tips on how to carry yourself in the real world…

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Coming Soon: Smart Glasses that Look Like Regular Glasses

New spectacles: This conceptual image demonstrates how people wearing Vuzix’s augmented-reality glasses might see virtual things projected over real-world objects.

New spectacles: This conceptual image demonstrates how people wearing Vuzix’s augmented-reality glasses might see virtual things projected over real-world objects.

Mike Orcutt  writes:  For all the hype around smart glasses, none of them actually look like normal glasses. But Vuzix, which develops wearable display technology for military and industrial applications, plans to change that this summer by releasing a pair of sleek wraparound shades that will let users see colorful images projected over objects in the real world.

Sunglasses made with nanoscale optical technology hint at a near future of inconspicuous head-mounted displays.

Vuzix CEO Paul Travers says his company’s sunglasses will not only be less bulky and obtrusive than Google Glass, they’ll also provide an augmented reality experience that actually resembles the one portrayed in Google’s first promotional video for Glass, in which useful bits of information like navigational cues are displayed in the middle of the wearer’s field of vision. This isn’t possible today with Glass, whose display sits off to the side, above the right eye, and is the visual equivalent of a 25-inch high-definition television seen from eight feet away.

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Why Apple Is in No Hurry to Release a Smartwatch

Pebble, MetaWatch, i'm Watch, Sony

Pebble, MetaWatch, i’m Watch, Sony

If you keep up with the tech news these days, you know that wearable computing is all the rage. Research firm Gartner projects that wearable smart electronics will be a $10 billion industry by 2016.

Smartwatches started us down this path but it was the announcement of Google Glass that really caught the market’s attention and piqued people’s interest in this new category of wearable computers.

While Google’s Glass project is pretty cool, it’s not going to be a serious product for the mass consumer market anytime soon. In fact, most technologies like this get adopted within vertical business markets first and over time, as the technology gets perfected and costs come down, they eventually get the apps and prices that appeal to a more consumer-centric market. Read the rest of this entry »

SIRI TALKS SMACK: Whoop-Ass Trash-Talking Google Glass

Apple's Siri gets sassy in trash-talking Google GlassApple’s Siri has always been a bit of a joker, knocking back countless proposals of marriage and answering “42” to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.

Now she’s having fun taking a dig at the opposition.

Try this yourself. Hit and hold the home button on your iPhone to activate Siri and then whisper this sweet nothing in her ear: “Okay Glass.”

If you were wearing Google’s hi-tech spectacles, that would be the command to activate them into action. (Here’s a life tip: if you are wearing a pair of Google Glass spectacles, never ever say the words “Okay Glass” just as you’re walking into a public toilet).

Try the Okay Glass command on Apple’s Siri, and she’ll put you in your place.

Editor’s Note:  I just tried this with my iPhone. Here are two examples of Siri’s Glass-bashing smack talk:  

“Just so you know, I don’t do anything when you blink at me”

“Stop trying to strap me to your forehead, it won’t work”

–The Butcher

The Verge reports that beta versions of Apple’s new operating system iOS7 has even more witty retorts in the Siri versus Google Glass rivalry.

Source: Fox News