Chinese Internet Censorship in One Chart

How People are Using U.S. Cloud Providers to Sidestep China’s Internet Censors


How people are using U.S. cloud providers to sidestep China’s Internet censors

How to defeat the ‘Great Firewall of China’ with an iPhone

450-TopologyVisitors to China are often perplexed to find that they can’t access TwitterFacebook or other sites. The reason isn’t that they don’t have access to cellular or WiFi networks; instead, it’s state censorship and surveillance courtesy of the Golden Shield Project, aka “The Great Firewall of China.” Roman Loyola at TechHive recently visited Beijing and used the trip as a research opportunity to see how visitors with iPhones can bypass the Great Firewall and tweet their trip to friends back home.

It turns out to be somewhat easy; you just need to have an unlocked GSM iPhone and then purchase a SIM card when you arrive in China. Before you leave, though, you also need to sign up for a virtual private network (VPN) service. Loyola highlights two in particular — Express VPN and AirVPN — and taps Express VPN as being much easier to set up.

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AUDIO: In China, Avoiding The ‘Great Firewall’ Internet Censors


From NPR: In China, the Internet isn’t the free-for-all that it is in the United States. China’s communist government censors what’s published and some of what’s shared online. But some citizens are working around government censors.  (4 min 49 sec) Download