[VIDEO] Who’s the Champion of the Panda Kingdom? 37-Year-Old Senior Citizen ‘Jai Jai’ Breaks World Record in Hong Kong

Jai Jai has become the world’s oldest captive panda at the grand old age of 37, entering the history books and breaking a 16-year-old record, from her home in Ocean Park, Hong Kong.

Oldest Man in the World Dies at 112


A Japanese man certified as the oldest living man by Guinness World Records died Sunday due to chronic renal failure, Saitama city said. He was 112.

Sakari Momoi, a resident of the city, was born on Feb. 5, 1903. An official at Saitama city said that he had fallen ill about two weeks ago and died at a nursing hospital in Tokyo.

Mr. Momoi was born the year the Wright brothers succeeded in making their first powered flight, and was 42 when World War II ended. He was originally from Fukushima prefecture and worked as a schoolteacher.

Misao Okawa, also from Japan, was the oldest living person at 117 before she passed away in April. The oldest living person now is Susannah Mushatt Jones of Brooklyn, N.Y., according to Guinness World Records. She turned 116 on Monday. Read the rest of this entry »