How Obama Lost Afghanistan

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

He said it was ‘the right war.’ Then he did everything he could to screw it up

For The Daily BeastElise Jordan writes:  Despite the violence and uncertainty surrounding this Saturday’s election for a new Afghan President, there’s one positive —Hamid Karzai, the sitting president and the architect of much of the country’s unrest, is not on the ballot this time. But while Karzai must cede power under the rules of the Afghan constitution, the other leader whose mismanagement helped tank Afghanistan abandoned his influence in what he once called “the right war” a long time ago. That leader is President Barack Obama.

“…the Obama administration’s craven politics and unrealistic expectations hastened the decline…”

An outright winner is unlikely on Saturday, unless one campaign is far superior in the art of vote fraud. The most dramatic political comeback belongs to Dr. Ashraf Ghani, a technocrat economist who previously served as Karzai’s Minister of Finance. Known for a volatile temper—according to former colleagues, he once broke his wrist by slamming his hand into a meeting table—Ghani only earned three percent of the vote against Karzai in 2009. Today, Ghani polls as the frontrunner, dividing the margin of Karzai’s heir apparent, former National Security advisor and Foreign Minister Zalmay Rassoul, and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, an ophthalmologist with a fondness for flashy Italian suits. He gathered 30 percent of the vote in 2009, but declined to participate in a run-off against Karzai.The best scenario is a May run-off between the two top candidates—the opposite of the chaos of 2009 that left Karzai with a third term. Instead of a statesmanlike exit as father of a new democracy, Karzai’s re-election imploded his already troubled legacy. On an election day the UN characterized as Afghanistan’s worst episode of violence in fifteen years, Western diplomats accused Karzai and his cronies of at least 100,000 fictitious ballots and over 800 fake polling sites. Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Rumsfeld: ‘This White House, and State Department, Has Failed to Get a Status of Forces Agreement. A Trained Ape Could Get a Get a Status of Forces Agreement’

U.S. Relationship With Karzai Has Gone Downhill ‘Like a Toboggan’ Under Obama

I missed the original broadcast but saw the late evening replay of Greta’s interview with Rumsfeld, and it was ‘blistering’, indeed. it motivated me to go find the video or audio of his comments.  Above is a short video segment featuring the former Secretary of Defense’s most pointed criticism. Full interview on this page, scroll down to the second video.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld issued a blistering critique of the Obama administration for the deterioration of the United States’s relationship with Afghanistan Monday on Fox News.

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Rumsfeld squarely blamed the White House for failing to secure what should have been an easy status of forces agreement with Afghanistan.

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