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[VIDEO] Krauthammer: Trump’s Immigration Softening ‘Is Not Evolution – This Is a Complete Turnabout’

Discussing Donald Trump’s latest indications that he is softening on immigration, Bret Baier played a video of Ted Cruz questioning Trump’s integrity on the issue in a debate, and asked Charles Krauthammer about how Trump could be “evolving” on this core issue.


“Well, you know, if this is evolution, this is like a platypus going to sleep and waking up as a pussycat. That has really never happened in the history of any of our species. This is not evolution — this is a complete turnabout. And the worst thing is not just that it’s a change of policy. It’s that — look at what happens to the underlying logic. The logic of the policy was — this was the tent-pole of his campaign — the politicians are idiots. The politicians are stupid. The politicians are sold-out. They don’t care about you. And what did he say? “We don’t have borders. We don’t have a country. They are all flocking in. They’re killers, they’re rapists, and the country is a divided crime scene,” as he said in his speech at the convention, as a result of this. And now he tells us, “Oh, the laws are wonderful as administered by Bush and Obama. I don’t want to change any of it. I’ll be a little more energetic.” That undermines everything he’s ever said. And you have to question, did he ever mean it? I believe the answer is probably no.”

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[VIDEO] WAGE GAP PANIC: Gavin McInnes Gleefully Baits Tamara Holder: ‘Thank U for Making @tamaraholder Head Xplode’

Or, as Ace puts it:

Gavin McInnes, Tamara Holder Have Respectful, Thoughtful Exchange of Ideas on Feminism

[Note: broken video link updated]

Mediaite gets the vapors:

 writes: Sean Hannity panel tonight exploded when Gavin McInnes argued that many women are miserable because they “put work over family” — a result of modern feminism, he argued.

While debating the gender wage gap, McInnes asserted that women earn less “because they choose to” and are “less ambitious.” Tamara Holder was pretty taken aback, flatly telling her counterpart: “Your comments are absolutely deplorable.” (read more – Mediaite)

Even Fox host Sean Hannity squirmed (and laughed) during Gavin’s gleefully over-the-top rant. HuffPo‘s takedown:


“Women do earn less in American because they choose to. They would rather go to their daughter’s piano recital than stay all night at work, working on a proposal, so they end up earning less. They’re less ambitious.”

“What?” replied an incredulous Holder.

“This is sort of God’s way — this is nature’s way — of saying women should be at home with the panic-bettykids,” he said. “They’re happier there.”

“If you were a real feminist you would support housewives and see them as the heroes and women who work wasting their time.”

“Why am I sitting here?” Holder asked at one point.

“You’re making a mistake,” he responded. “You would be much happier at home with a husband and children.”

Even host Sean Hannity did a face palm at that comment. “Oh boy,” he said, laughing…(read more)



Most predictable freakout? Salon. Of course. Fox News should maybe be concerned about Gavin McInnes’ mental stability


IJReview‘s Mike Miller has this item, with what I believe is the funniest and most accurate headline:

Gavin McInnes Gives a Master Class: How to Troll a Feminist Til She’s Shaking with Rage

During a “Hannity” panel debate about the “gender wage gap” on Thursday night, Fox News regulars Gavin McInnes and Tamara Holder predictably locked horns. Then it went downhill from there. Way downhill…(read more)


Who the hell is Gavin McInnes?

avatar_151Regular watchers of Fox News late night show Red Eye, and readers of Takimag are familiar with Gavin McInnes’ wicked sense of humor. Browse Takis archives and you’ll see that he’s not afraid to write or say anything.

Here’s his bio at Taki’s. Read the rest of this entry »

Drudge: Megyn Kelly to Take Sean Hannitys 9PM Slot

According to the Drudge Report, there is a major shakeup under way at Fox News. For the first time in a decade,  changes are underway in the network’s top-rated primetime schedule.

Afternoon anchor and rising cable news superstar Megyn Kelly is moving into the 9PM hour currently occupied by Sean Hannity.

Hannity hosts one of the top two or three hours in all of cable. So it would be a major surprise if “Hannity” wasn’t moved into another primetime slot.

This post will be updated as new reports come in.

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