‘Descent into Limbo’, Zoan Andrea


Descent into Limbo
Zoan Andrea
engraving on laid paper
circa 1475-1480

[VIDEO] Here’s the Song Rachel Dolezal’s Ex-Fiancé Wrote in Tribute to Her ‘Vajayjay’


…After debating the term “transracial” for a few days, people have moved on to scouring the web for information about her dysfunctional upbringingher amateur sex tape with her allegedly abusive ex-husband, and her estranged brother who faces charges on sexual abuse.

“Baby, you are as sexy as you wanna be…The ass is astronomical, your breasts are so phenomenal. Your legs are the sensual bridges to Heaven, the sweetest vajayjay more cosmic than the Milky Way.”

And then came this: A 2013 musical recording — entitled “For the Rest of My Life” — by Dolezal’s former fiancé, Maurice Turner, declaring his eternal devotion to her and his unending desire to kiss her and appreciate her “vajayjay” forever. Read the rest of this entry »