[VIDEO] Jay Cost: What is Crony Capitalism? 

This election season there’s a lot of talk about corruption, about politicians being “bought and sold”, and about “crony capitalism”. What do those terms mean? Why should we care? Is there a way to reduce corruption and restore our trust in government? Author Jay Cost, staff writer at The Weekly Standard, answers these questions and proposes a solution that every society could benefit from.

Clinton: ‘I Don’t Have Horns’ 

[VIDEO] ‘Go To Hell’: Chris Matthews Grumpy When Asked if He Still Has ‘Thrill’ Up His Leg

“I view Chris Matthews telling me to go to ‘Go to Hell’ as a badge of honor.”


Source: MRCTV

‘Descent into Limbo’, Zoan Andrea


Descent into Limbo
Zoan Andrea
engraving on laid paper
circa 1475-1480

The Damned Being Cast into Hell


The Damned Being Cast into Hell
Oil on oak, 47 x 32 cm
Residenzgalerie, Salzburg