Popeye the Sailor Man was Originally Popeye the Coast Guardsman


Blake Stilwell writes: This may seem like blasphemy to some, but Popeye started his professional career as a civilian mariner and then Coast Guardsman. The famous sailor did join the Navy, but as of 1937, Popeye was firmly in the Coast Guard. A two-reel feature titled Popeye the Sailor meets Ali Baba’s Forty Thieves introduces Popeye serving at a Coast Guard station. The sailor man’s creator did not live to see the United States enter World War II, but it was in 1941 that his creation joined the Navy and the legend of Popeye the rough and tumble U.S. Navy sailor was born.


Popeye the Sailor meets Ali Baba’s Forty Thieves wasn’t Popeye’s first feature. He started life as a character in the comic strip Thimble Theater in 1929, a comic actually centered around his off-and-on girlfriend, Olive Oyl. When it became obvious that Popeye was the real star, he made a jump to feature films. In the aforementioned 1937 film is when we see Popeye in the Coast Guard, on guard duty and deploying to intercept “Abu Hassan” (aka Bluto), who is terrorizing the Middle East.

Spoiler alert: Popeye saves the day, but not before telling Bluto to “stop in the name of the Coast Guard.

It was during WWII that Popeye reached his incredible popularity. Read the rest of this entry »

‘Sudden Fear’, David Miller, USA, 1952


One Sheet for ‘Sudden Fear’, David Miller, USA, 1952

Poster source: Heritage Auctions

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Vintage Argentinean Movie Poster: ‘The Bride of Frankenstein’ Universal, 1935


Argentinean Poster: ‘The Bride of Frankenstein’ Universal, 1935

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Humphrey Bogart: Swedish Poster for Dead Reckoning, John Cromwell, USA, 1947


Swedish poster for “Dead Reckoning” (John Cromwell, USA, 1947) [see also]

Designer: Eric Rohman (1891-1949) [see also]

Poster source: Heritage Auctions

Movie Poster of the Day: Charles Boyer, Lauren Bacall ‘L’agent Confidenziale’ 1945


Italian poster: ‘L’agent Confidenziale’  (Herman Shumlin, USA, 1945)

Artist: Luigi Martinati (1893-1984) [see also]

Poster source: Heritage Auctions

R.I.P. LAUREN BACALL (1924-2014)

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