China Ship Disaster Takes Nearly 400 Lives


Hundreds more bodies from the Eastern Star were found, bringing the death toll to 396

JIANLI, China—The death toll in the Eastern Star capsizing rose to nearly 400 on Saturday after disaster teams stabilized the river cruiser in an upright position and searched it for more bodies, making it China’s deadliest boat disaster in nearly seven decades.

Authorities have attributed the overturning of the ship in the Yangtze River late Monday to sudden, severe winds, but also have placed the captain and his first engineer under police custody.

Passengers’ relatives have raised questions about whether the ship should have continued its cruise after the storm started in a section of Hubei province and despite a weather warning earlier in the evening.

Heavy rains in the Yangtze area over four days beginning Monday have killed 15 people and left eight others missing, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said.

Hundreds more bodies from the Eastern Star were found overnight and Saturday, bringing the death toll to 396, Hu Kaihong, the vice director-general of the press bureau of the State Council Information Office, told a news conference. Read the rest of this entry »

Adult Breastfeeding Ring Busted in China


…continued from Alex Linder‘s report:

…Police had been clued in to the organizations by a Beijing News investigative report in June that revealed quite a bit of milky details about the websites and their clientele. One of the websites offered two levels of services: “pure” and “impure.” The first being just your standard, run-of-the-mill breastfeeding for a paltry 40,000 RMB a month, while the second denotes a “deeper level of service” (read: sex) for 50,000 RMB a month. Once you choose your plan you are free to browse the site and find the right “milk mama” for you. Read the rest of this entry »