[VIDEO] Every High School Principal Should Say This

If every high school principal said this, it would change students’ lives and would change America. So what exactly should every high school principal say? Dennis Prager explains.

Principal's Office

Blowhard Business Clichés For Lazy Bosses

Speaking of clichés…my wife –a corporate veteran abundant exposure to business jargon — sent me this, and confirms she’s heard all of these in the workplace.

blowbossJeff Haden writes: Some platitudes are just irritating. Others, used the wrong way (wait: is there a right way to use a cliché?) serve to shut down discussions — and people.

Whipping out a cliché allows a leader to avoid explaining, avoid justifying, avoid having a deeper and more meaningful conversation… in short, avoid being a real leader.

Like these:

“We need to work smarter, not harder.”

Irritating for a few reasons. One, you imply I’m stupid. (Otherwise why would I need to work smarter?) Two, you imply that whatever I’m doing should take a lot less time and effort. Three, you leave it to me to figure out what “smarter” means (if “smarter” even exists) when I obviously don’t know or I’d already be doing it that way.

And four, I know you don’t mean the “we” part.

If you know I can be more efficient, tell me how. If you know there is a better way, show me how. If you think there might be a better way but don’t know what it is, admit you don’t know and work with me to figure it out.

And, most importantly, recognize that sometimes the only thing to do, especially in the moment, is to buckle down and get it done – so stop talking and start helping.


“There is no ‘I’ in team.”

Sure there is: there are as many ‘Is’ as team members. And those individuals — the more “individual” the better — serve to make the team stronger because the best teams are a funky blend of each individual’s talents, perspectives, and goals.

If you want a team to work hard and achieve more, make sure each person feels she can not only achieve the team’s goal but also achieve one of her own goals. Spend time figuring out how each individual on the team can do both instead of taking the lazy way out by simply repressing individuality in the pursuit of some collective ideal.

The best teams are made up of people who feel the team wins… and so do they.

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