[VIDEO] What Makes Spiders Scary

Scientists hope to learn whether arachnophobes’ perception of spiders as larger than actual size causes their fear—or whether it is the fearfulness itself that causes their visual misperception.


[VIDEO] The Obama Bee Panic of 2016: Bees Swarm South Lawn, Children Scream


Obama is disrupted from story telling as bees cause chaos

A group of unwelcome bees disrupted US President Barack Obama’sstorytelling session for children at the launch of the White House Easter egg roll on Monday.

“Bees are good. They won’t land on you. They won’t sting you. They’ll be OK!”

As the president was reading from ‘Where the Wild Things Are‘, bees began buzzing around the children seated on the South Lawn.

Mr Obama told the panicked children, “Bees are good. They won’t land on you. They won’t sting you. They’ll be OK.”

The president used this year’s Easter egg roll event to support first lady Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move!‘ initiative to encourage children to exercise and eat healthily.

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[PHOTOS] These Spiders Look Like They’re Covered In Mirrors


This isn’t a stained-glass sculpture or piece of delicate jewelry – it’s a real live spider. These spiders, called mirror or sequined spiders, are all members of several different species of the thwaitesia genus, which features spiders with reflective silvery patches on their abdomen.


The scales look like solid pieces of mirror glued to the spider’s back, but they can actually change size depending on how threatened the spider feels. The reflective scales are composed of reflective guanine, which these and other spiders use to give themselves color.

Not much information is available about these wonderful spiders, but the dazzling specimens in these photos were photographed primarily in Australia and Singapore…(read more)

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