iOS Developer Faigy Mayer Jumps 20 Stories To Her Death From NYC Rooftop


Faigy grew up in Williamsburg as part of a Hasidic Jew community, but rebelled against her religious upbringing

Alyssa Norwin writes:

…Faigy Mayer, a new resident of Brooklyn, tragically died after jumping 20 stories off the top of 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar in New York City on July 20. The horrifying incident took place while the bar was hosting a corporate party.

“Besides being in the process of developing an app for ex-Hasidics to navigate New York City, she also took part in a 2012 documentary called ‘Inside Hasidism’, in which she discusses her decision not to follow her parents’ strict beliefs, which led to them kicking her out.”

It’s unknown if Faigy, who worked as an iOS developer at Appton, was attending the event, but she was spotted running through the crowd before jumping over the wall. “They closed off the section where she jumped from,” one eyewitness told the New York Post. “I think a lot of people up there had zero clue what was going on.”


Indeed, many who were hanging out at the bar continued to drink and carry on with their evenings, unaware of the chaos taking place below. As of now, police believe Faigy jumped deliberately, however, with just a 4-foot ledge around the outside of the roof, the environment could be deemed a bit unsafe when drinking is involved.

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Faigy grew up in Williamsburg as part of a Hasidic Jew community, but rebelled against her religious upbringing, according to The Daily Mail. Read the rest of this entry »