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From The Washington Post article:

A European intelligence official said the British government was examining the video, and the speech of the purported executioner, to compare it with former Guantanamo Bay prisoners and other British residents believed to have joined the Islamic State.

In the video the terrorist who killed Foley spoke in what sounded like a British accent.

@ByronYork There’s going to hell to pay if it turns out true—
Tom Hannan (@tomh2739) August 20, 2014

From who, exactly? The majority of the country Does. Not. Care. Sad, but true. @tomh2739 @ByronYork
Deb (@contrarian35) August 20, 2014

Sadly that’s probably true. Outrage now occurs along party lines and the party that owns the media wouldn’t be outraged by this.

@ByronYork So we had him. Released him. And surprise ,he did more evil stuff. Blood on the admins hands. Sickening.—
Chris Tsotsoros (@ctsotsoros) August 20, 2014

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