[VIDEO] The Hidden Trick in Almost Every Classic Hitchcock Scene

Bryan Menages writes: Hitchcock is the unquestioned master of suspense. But what is it about his scenes that makes them so gripping, and why do they stand up to repeated viewings, even when you know the twist?

To answer this, the Nerdwriter turned to blocking—how you position stuff and people in relation to each other—specifically, the blocking in an early interaction from Vertigo. In the lengthy scene, a retired detective (Jimmy Stewart) meets a shipping tycoon (Tom Helmore) in his office, where he’s about to be lied to quite a bit.

During the meeting, Hitchcock uses the chairs to suggest power, with the dominant party at any given time being physically higher than the seated party. Similarly, the back half of the room is slightly raised and blocked by partial walls, almost like a stage…(read more)

Source: sploid.gizmodo.com

1950s French Re-Release for Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Rope’, 1948; Le Classique du Suspense!


1950s re-release French grande for ROPE (Alfred Hitchcock, USA, 1948)

Artist: Roger Soubie (1898-1984) [see also]

Poster source: Heritage Auctions 


[PHOTO] James Stewart and Grace Kelly, Cycling Through the Studio Lot During the Filming of Rear Window (1954)



Sacré Bleu! Brigitte Bardot Joins Twitter

French actress and 1960s sex symbol Brigitte Bardot joined Twitter today. Her first tweet was a complaint about a story that appeared in Le Figaro:

Here’s a scene of Bardot from her heyday. In this 1965 film she had a scene in English opposite James Stewart and Billy Mumy:

According to the Local, the tweet translates “Sick of people using my name to sell absolute nonsense. I never set a foot inside this apartment.” This was a reference to the story in Le Figaro about an apartment belonging to her third husband (since divorced) whom she married 1966.

Bardot was a major film star in the 1950s and 60s and starred in 40 films. Since her retirement from films in 1973 Bardot has become known as an outspoken animal rights campaigner.

Bardot has also been a repeated critic of Islam and of Muslim immigration to France. She has been fined five times for inciting racial hatred since 1997. In 2008 she said that Islam was “destroying our country and imposing its acts.” She was put on trial and fined $15,000 euros for the comment.