[VIDEO] All About The Mahavishnu Orchestra with author Walter Kolosky

Meet Walter Kolosky, author of “The Mahavishnu Orchestra Picture Book.” Walter has written three books about the Mahavishnu Orchestra and we’ discuss the history of John McLaughlin’s group.


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CONFIRMED: Nancy Pelosi Under the Influence of LSD at Press Conference

“I never saw anything like what Harry Reid did. To watch him, was to watch a master at work.”

pelositrippin“This was an opportunity cost of time. We could have been talking about jobs, farm bill, immigration, any number of issues that need to be addressed, and I commend the Speaker for coming around for bringing it to the floor. I salute — I never saw anything like what Harry Reid did. To watch him, was to watch a master at work. He was superb, intellectually, politically astute, and just the sheer stamina of it all. And it was a sign of the respect that his members have for him.”

Nancy excused herself from the podium, put on sunglasses, congratulated her staff and associates, then got into a van with an unnamed member of the press corp, where they remained for 20 minutes.

According to a White House source, and confirmed by others in the parking lot, Nancy and the journalist reportedly smoked a doobie while listening to the 1970s jazz-rock-fusion Supergroup Mahavishnu Orchestra‘s “Between Nothingness and Eternity“, at extremely high volume.

“I had to cut sound on my microphone, the noise from the van was bleeding in” a TV reporter complained.

Asked later about her taste in music, Nancy was eager to discuss early-’70s rock-funk and jazz. “Jan Hammer’s keyboard work is amazing”, Nancy said, walking to her office. “Though I really like John McLaughlin‘s earlier work, in Lifetime, with Tony Williams, and Bitches Brew, with Miles Davis. Have you ever heard McLaughlin’s solo album, Devotion? There’s a song on there “Don’t let the Dragon Eat your Mother” that totally kicks ass”. She added “The engineering on the album isn’t ideal, but McLaughlin’s guitar solos are mind-melting”.

h/t Hot Air