New York Times Conducts Business As Usual


Hillary Clinton spent time in summer 2015 with The New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich and made a crack about 2008 Republican presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

But the remark didn’t make it into the long profile. Leibovich agreed to give the Clinton campaign veto power over the statements she made.

The revelation comes in Part III of a massive email release from WikiLeaks.

Leibovich evidently gave the campaign the ability to ax quotes as part of a deal for access. Representatives from The Times did not immediately respond to an inquiry from LifeZette.


Leibovich emailed campaign Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri on July 7, 2015, to try to lobby for a batch of quotes.

“These exchanges were pretty interesting … would love the option to use,” he wrote.

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The Palin shot came during a discussion between Clinton and Leibovich in which the Democratic candidate for president discussed having eaten moose stew in Alaska. “So that’s why I always got a big kick out of Sarah Palin with all of her, ‘We’re cooking up some moose stew here,'” she said. Read the rest of this entry »

Clinton Issues Warning to New York Times Reporters; Reminds them to ‘Fall Back in Line’


The New York Times issued multiple corrections 

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Hillary Clinton’s campaign has sent a furious letter to The New York Times, blasting the paper for erroneously reporting the federal government was seeking a criminal investigation into the former Secretary of State’s use of a private email account.

The newspaper published a story last Thursday saying the State Department’s and Intelligence Community’s Inspectors General requested for a criminal probe of Clinton.

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The Times later corrected the story and altered its headline to reflect that the referral did not target Clinton. A Justice Department official told CBS News that the request was not a “criminal referral.”

“I feel obliged to put into context just how egregious an error this story was,” communications director Jennifer Palmieri wrote in the 1,900-word letter to the Times’ executive editor. Read the rest of this entry »