Jerry Seinfeld: ‘Every Day I Am Carsick’


‘I am forced to drive all over the world and I become so dizzy and carsick that I can’t help but blast the car’s horn while puke rockets out of my mouth and breaks through he windshield like a geyser eruption.’

Please help me. Every day I am dragged screaming from my home and stuffed into a gorgeous car that costs a million dollars and I am forced to drive forever in nauseating circles while one of my loud comedian friends screams at me. It is Hell. It is a true misery to be Jerry Seinfeld. Every day I am carsick.

I do not want to be in the cars. The cars are my prison. Every moment that I am in the beautiful fancy cars is nauseous agony for me. While I lie sleeping in my bed, strong hands grab me by the head and they shove me into the driver’s seat of the most beautiful car I have ever seen and I’m not allowed to leave. I am forced to drive all over the world and I become so dizzy and carsick that I can’t help but blast the car’s horn while puke rockets out of my mouth and breaks through he windshield like a geyser eruption. This is no way for Jerry Seinfeld to live…(read more)

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[VIDEO] Maher: Liberals are Killing Comedy

Hunter Schwarz writes: Add Bill Maher to the growing list of comedians who think political correctness is bad for comedy — and are making an issue of it.

“I used to fight with this audience all the time, because we used to get the audience strictly from liberal sources, then we got the audience like from everywhere and I’ve had a much better time the last couple of months.”

Maher spoke with comedian Jeff Ross on “Real Time” over the weekend about Jerry Seinfeld, who said last week he doesn’t play at colleges because they’re too PC. Maher suggested the reason was political…(read more)

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[VIDEO] CBS Panel Supports Seinfeld’s Public Rejection of ‘Creepy’ Campus PC Culture

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is sick of the PC culture epidemic gutting comedy in America.

[VIDEO] Comedians in Cars Season 6 Preview


[VIDEO] Late Show: Celebrity Rot-Fest Concludes with Lame ‘Top Ten Things I’ve Always Wanted to Say To David Letterman’

An all-star group including Bill Murray, Tina Fey, Peyton Manning, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Chris Rock, Jim Carrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Martin, Barbara Walters and Alec Baldwin salute David Letterman in his last Top Ten List.

[VIDEO] Seinfeld, Kramer Reunite in ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ Promo


From this morning’s Pop WatchEW: As Jerry Seinfeld prepares for the fifth season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, he’s enlisted the help of an old neighbor to boost the show and its host Crackles presence.

In the video, Seinfeld rushes to a meeting with the president of Crackle, Dick Corcoran. A thin mustache, slicked-back hair, and cigar smoke can’t hide that Corcoran is actually the actor’s Seinfeld co-star Michael Richards. Corcoran is concerned, however, that Crackle may never rise to prominence because it’s being held down by Snap and Pop. Snap and Pop! Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Jerry Seinfeld on How to Not Be a Jerk in the Digital Age

As technology pioneers, we are inundated with new gadgets, services, apps, messaging, games, and media. We’re dosing, vaping, and Lyfting. And that means there are new rules for how to behave. Is it OK to answer an email during dinner? Is Google Glass ever cool? We got some help from Jerry Seinfeld, keen observer of social mores and foibles, on how to cope with modern technology.

Does giving Uber drivers a bad rating make you a jerk? We’ve got your tips on how to carry yourself in the real world…

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[VIDEO] Trailer for Jerry Seinfeld ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ Season 4

For Variety reports:

Sony Pictures Television’s Crackle will debut season four of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” from Jerry Seinfeld on June 19.

The series, the digital network’s biggest hit, returns with guests including Aziz Ansari, Robert Klein, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jon Stewart and George Wallace. In the shortform show, Seinfeld chats with the comedians in coffee shops and they drive around in classic autos to unlikely locales.

Last month Crackle announced that “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” will add on 24 new episodes, taking the series through season nine, all sponsored exclusively by Acura. Read the rest of this entry »

‘It Lurches, Where it Should Glide’: Watching The ‘Seinfeld’ Reunion in Context

Los Angeles Times Television Critic Robert Lloyd notes: 

(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for New York Comedy Festival)

(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for New York Comedy Festival)

If you felt like there was something missing from the “‘Seinfeld’ reunion” as it played on Sunday’s Super Bowl, it’s because there was. Some five minutes were cut from the complete version, a now-available episode of Jerry Seinfeld‘s Web series, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” for which the Super Bowl spot served as an ad…

 [Today only – Seinfeld: The Complete Series, $58.99 (61% off at Amazon]

…Doubtless the spot raised the profile of Jerry’s little Internet show. But though clearly made to be seen in the context of the game, during whose halftime it takes place, as shortened for Sunday’s broadcast it lacked the existential essence, the rhythms, the music of what made “Seinfeld” “Seinfeld.” It was as if you took an old familiar Beatles song and removed three out of every four measures. It lurches, where it should glide.

 Lloyd recommends the unabridged original, which you can find here.

strangelove-tinyAlso, From yesterday’s punditfromanotherplanet post, Seinfeld in the news [VIDEO] Jerry Seinfeld On Diversity In Comedy

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[VIDEO] Jerry Seinfeld On Diversity In Comedy: “Who Cares?”


“…it is “anti-comedy” to approach the genre like it’s “the census…”


At the height of Seinfeld’s popularity, the NBC comedy was repeatedly accused of presenting an exclusively “white” view of its diverse New York City setting. During Jerry Seinfeld’s BuzzFeed Brews with CBS This Morning interview on Monday, BuzzFeed Business Editor Peter Lauria asked about the enduring criticism…

Watch this video below to hear Seinfeld’s complete thoughts on the subject…

“People think it’s the census or something,” Seinfeld said of the assertion that all pop culture should accurately reflect society. “This has gotta represent the actual pie chart of America? Who cares? Funny is the world that I live in. You’re funny, I’m interested. You’re not funny, I’m not interested. I have no interest in gender or race or anything like that.”

…Seinfeld went on to say that approaching comedy through the lens of race or gender or sexuality are “anti-comedy.”

“It’s more about PC nonsense than, ‘Are you making us laugh or not?’”

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