[VIDEO] Trumping Hair Tutorial 

This is a quick tutorial on trumping, or how to do Donald Trump’s hairstyle on long hair. It’s perfect for your Halloween costume!


[VIDEO] Fallon’s Trump Character Calls Cruz 

Jimmy Fallon, portraying Donald Trump, called Sen. Ted Cruz  in a hilarious bit from Thursday night’s ”The Tonight Show.”

Fallon, portraying Trump, called Cruz in order to help him prepare for the Texas senator’s interview later with Fallon.

Cruz thanked Trump for “being the bigger man” to which Trump replied, “with the bigger hands and the bigger — you can’t see me, but I’m pointing at my Trump Tower.” Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Jimmy Fallon Makes 2016 Presidential Candidates’ Voices Sound Like Pee-wee Herman

The late-night host replaced the voices of Cruz, Trump, Sanders and Clinton.

Jimmy Fallon aims to please. A Tonight Show viewer wrote in to Fallon’s suggestion box saying that she’s “in a pickle” because she wants to watch the 2016 presidential election coverage but she also wants to watch the new Pee-wee Herman movie on Netflix.

“Can you help?” she implored in her note.


Fallon responded by taking footage of the current 2016 presidential candidates and replacing their voices with Pee-wee Herman-inspired vocals…(read more)

Source: Hollywoodreporter.com

Creative Arts Emmy Awards 2015: Louis C.K. wins Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series


Louis C.K. wins Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series for

Source: Deadline’s Live Blog

[VIDEO] ‘Last Dress Ever’ Tina Fey Strips to Bid Farewell to David Letterman

During her final appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman Thursday, Tina Fey gave the longtime host a memorable goodbye when she stripped down to her spanx and vowed to never dress up again.

Letterman will officially retire from late-night television on May 20 after 33 years.


“I realize when you retire this is it – I am never gonna wear a fancy dress again,” she said. “My gift to you is I wanna give you the dress.”

Fey then asked Letterman to unzip her blue ensemble for her….(read more)


Critics: Hong Kong’s TV Industry Hits New Low with Derivative Talk Show Clone of Shows Like David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon


Vivienne Chow reports: Hong Kong’s television industry has hit a “new low” as TVB’s latest talk show Sze U Tonight was accused of copying popular American hosts such as Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman.

 “A TVB spokesman said Lee had already announced that his show would ‘take references’ from U.S. talk shows. But Lee insisted the show did not copy US shows entirely.”

Critics said the TVB show, hosted by comedian Johnson Lee Sze-chit, reflected the lack of creativity in the city’s TV productions – and even warned the alleged similarities in format and set designs could lead to legal action.

Sze U Tonight, which debuted on TVB Jade on Sunday, features Lee behind a desk interviewing celebrities sitting on a sofa, against the backdrop of Hong Kong’s skyline. It apparently bore a striking resemblance of the likes of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on NBC and Late Show with David Letterman on CBS.


Lee’s desk, complete with an old-fashioned microphone, a pencil holder full of pencils and a coffee mug, was said to look like Letterman’s. The show also has a live band, a signature of Letterman’s show.

“Sze U Tonight risked falling into copyright traps, but it will depend on whether the U.S. networks decide to take legal action.”

Sze U Tonight achieved 16 rating points on Sunday – an equivalent to a TV audience of more than a million, accounting for a 93 per cent share. A TVB spokesman said Lee had already announced that his show would “take references” from US talk shows. But Lee insisted the show did not copy US shows entirely as it featured local content.

The South China Morning Post contacted NBC but the broadcaster has yet to comment on allegations its show has been copied.


Barrister Albert Luk Wai-hung said it was common for TV stations to customise foreign shows. ATV screened quiz show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? while TVB broadcast The Weakest Link in the 1990s. But ATV and TVB acquired the rights from foreign stations which had originally broadcast them overseas.

Mainland China has also acquired the rights to foreign shows, such as South Korea’s Running Man and Dad! Where Are We Going?

However, it is understood that TVB did not acquire the rights to any of the US talk shows for the production of Sze U Tonight. Read the rest of this entry »

Jimmy Fallon: “Last week, a woman in South Carolina was arrested for stealing a bible…”

[VIDEO] Putin & Obama Go On ‘Dr. Phil’ Show


That’s So Fetch! Rejoice, Tina Fey Fans: Mean Girls Reunion IS HAPPENING, Says TMZ


Note: Mean Girls is not just a chick movie. Along with rare smart-fluff stealth-comedy classics like Legally BlondeLots of guys dig it, too. Why? Tina Fey. It’s Tina Fey’s movie writing/directing debut, and it’s a pop-culture time capsule. Though Lohan is its star character, her fellow cast members–particularly Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried–rocketed to fame, whooshing right past the fading Lohan. (It’s also the last movie where Lohan looked healthy and promising) The abundance of ensemble talent in Mean Girls helps make it an enduring favorite.

Lindsay Lohan wasn’t spewing BS on “Jimmy Fallon” Thursday night — talking about a “Mean Girls” reunion — TMZ has learned, it’s been in the works for weeks.

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FYI, 2014 is the 10th anniversary of the film’s release — and sources tell us, co-writer Tina Fey has been leading the charge for a reunion to commemorate the occasion … wrangling the entire cast over the last month.

[Bonus quiz: Bonus: Which Mean Girls cast member is now the co-star of Masters of Sex? Answer after the jump]

And Lindsay was apparently the last to know about it — she went on “Fallon” Thursday talking about how she had just run into Tina who mentioned the reunion idea to her … and Lindsay was into it.

It’s unclear how the reunion will come together — Jimmy suggested hosting it on his show — but we’re told it could also materialize as a comedy sketch … maybe on an awards show…

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[VIDEO] Springsteen & Fallon: “Gov. Christie Traffic Jam” (“Born To Run” Parody)

Bruce Springsteen & Bruce Springsteen rework “Born To Run” to address the Fort Lee, NJ bridge scandal.

Bruce Springsteen & Jimmy Fallon: YouTube

VIDEO: “Joking Bad” – Breaking Bad Parody by Jimmy Fallon